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Best Reciprocating Saw Of 2020 – Compare And Choose The Best

This is a amazing power full tool like jigsaw used to cut the wood, metal etc, these are made up of strong handle which will not vibrate while working it also contain sharp blades that reduce lot of work load most of saws are with variable speed controller these are multipurpose reciprocating saw the blade are versatile in nature those can work with small chainsaw also its easy.

If you have powerful corded or cordless drill of same brand you can also use each other battery pack or blades but keep in mind these product doesn’t include any battery included you need to buy separately what suits you for more information, we reviewed some of the best selling reciprocating saw of 2020 that helps to solve your problem to choose top notch saw.


Product Name Product Feature  
Ryobi P517 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Anti Vibration Handle easy to use
Ingersoll Rand 529 Low Vibration Reciprocating Fast cutting blade capacity
TZTool Low Vibration Compact Reciprocating High grade steel blade
Bosch Bare-Tool 1651B 36-Volt Reciprocating Saw Comfort and soft cutting capacity
Reciprocating Saw,LANNERET 20V MAX Long lasting battery life with fast charging feature within in just 1 hour.
Cordless Brushless Reciprocating Saw

Powerful Reciprocating saw easy and fast cutting capacity, it include handy handle that is vibration free and reduce lot of fatigue while working it include powerful motor it is easy to start and easy to off light weight 5.60 pound.


  • Anti Vibration Handle easy to use
  • Fast cutting capacity with long lasting motor life.
  • Pivoting allows deep cutting with most efficient deep cutting blade.
  • Easy on and off button easy start as well as cut control.
  • Item weight 5.60 pound
  • Fast cutting blade
  • item weight 5.60
  • Deep cutting capacity
  • Easy to control off and on button
  • It include anti vibration handle that reduce lot of fatigue.
  • No battery included need to buy separately

2. Ingersoll Rand 529 Low Vibration Reciprocating Air Saw

Low vibration high performance saw easy to use it is imported from Taiwan super handy grip and it is light weight design with different tool included 1.5 pound weight


  • Amazing capacity with 9500 Strokes per Minute.
  • Fast cutting blade capacity
  • This is imported from Taiwan
  • Rubber Grip its small and light weight.
  • Required pressure of 84psi
  • Super High power saw with 9500 strokes per minutes.
  • super handy grip and its super lightweight.
  • Easy to use and super effective
  • Made in taiwan
  • High consumption

3. TZTool Low Vibration Compact Reciprocating air saw 3 PC 24T 3 PC 32T blades

Compact Reciprocating air saw

Low vibration reciprocating saw super powerful and easy to use it contain sharp blade and are with non slippery handles that makes lot of work easy and fast these are highly durable saw which lasts for long.


  • Dimensions 6.3 x 1 x 0.7 inches
  • Material is made up of metal.
  • It is made up of no slip rubber grip
  • Highly durable and long lasting saw
  • High grade steel blade
  • Compact in size with 7 inches.
  • This is made up of metal
  • It is compact in size and super handy
  • It is made up of non slippery handle.
  • This is made up of high grade steel blade
  • Light weight just .9lb power capacity
  • Smooth cutting
  • You have to keep oiling before use.

4. Bosch Bare-Tool 1651B 36-Volt Reciprocating Saw (Tool Only, No Battery)

Bosch Bare-Tool Reciprocating Saw

High power cutting capacity with 3000 RPM stokes per minute its super easy to use and with smart cutting capacity it doesn’t contain any charger or accessories it is made up with super handy handle that is easy to use that allows do the work faster and easier.


  • High performance cutting capacity with 3000 SPM strokes per minute
  • You can easily cut wood, plastic or metal.
  • Super handy grip which reduce lot of pain and work load.
  • Comfort and soft cutting capacity
  • Dimensions 3.1 x 7.6 x 18.5 inches
  • High power cutting capacity
  • Easy to cut any type of wood, plastic or metal.
  • It is easy to cut with soft cutting capacity.
  • It doesn't include battery or charging accessories you need to buy separately.
  • 3000 SPM cutting speed with this is high performing.
  • Power shut down when over heat.

5. Reciprocating Saw,LANNERET 20V MAX Li-ion Cordless Saw

High Power made up of pure copper motor with 2800 RPM Speed with soft grip capacity its easy to use it include 3-1 cutting capacity with maximum 20v capacity battery you need to buy separately.


  • Pure copper motor with 2800 Fantastic RPM speed its easily portable and super handy.
  • Long lasting battery life with fast charging feature within in just 1 hour.
  • Its easy to use with soft grip capacity no problem with left hand or right hand users.
  • Super safe with 3-in-1 cutting capacity highly durable you can easy expand battery
  • It include 1 wood saw blade, metal saw blade, fast charger and with maximum 20v and 2.0 ah battery
  • Its high power 8500 rpm motor with three position control
  • 20v cordless system
  • Spindle lock system
  • cast metal helps during excessive heat.
  • Sharpen blade be careful while using.

Final Verdict

Well we have reviewed some of the best reciprocating saw that helps to cutting any type of metal, wood or any other item easily it is easy to cut its smooth cutting capacity that helps to make your work faster and easier these are high performing saw which last for long with speed cutting capacity easy to use with the help of handy grip it reduce lot of work fatigue.

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