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✅ Heats Up a Room Easily – Just plug it in, set the desired temperature and it will instant heat-up in 2 seconds. HotixPro will make your room warmer in a matter of minutes.

✅ Energy Efficient, Saves Money on Electricity – HeatNow technology heats up a room instantly, while device stays cool on touch so no one can get burnt. Instead of paying to heat the whole house or office, simply bring the heater with you to whatever room you are in.

✅ Compact And Portable – It is extremely portable making it perfect to use it anywhere in your house, on your travel, office or garage.

✅ Intelligent On/Off Mode – Saves money on electricity bills with the intelligent on/off timer. Your HotixPro will run only when is really necessary.

✅ Remote Control – It comes with a small remote control and you can control it from distance up to 10meters.

What is the HotixPro?

Most compact heaters are slow to heat, not powerful enough and expensive to run. Not to mention they don’t have the relevant safety features to make sure your home is protected should the product be knocked over. Thankfully, a new heater is available that solves all these problems, and does a lot more. HotixPro is small and compact. You can turn it on, set the temperature, and let it do all the work. It’s safe around children and pets as it has overheat protection.

What people appreciate about this little heating device is how effective it is, while being entirely portable as well. You can take it with you to motels, hotels or to the office and benefit from almost instant heating. It has a digital temperature display, and it uses just 350 watts of power as well. This invention will be your faithful companion throughout those cold winters. HotixPro can heat a whole room to the temperature you desire easily and cost effectively.

How Does it Work?

How it works is simple. You can plug it into any area of your home that you’re utilizing at that very moment – be it your bedroom, the baby’s nursery, your garage while you’re dabbling in some DIY, or your home office. Once you plug it in, you can then set your desired temperature, the speed at which it pumps out heat, and a timer as well. You can determine how long you wish it to be on – such as the duration of your baby’s nap time in their nursery, then let it work its magic. It will maintain a continuous temperature while you benefit from a warm room without the mounting power bill.

Then, when you no longer require it in that space, you can switch it off at the wall, unplug it, then move it to another room. Unlike conventional heating systems which are installed in one place, HotixPro is compact and portable, giving you more freedom as a consumer to move it and use it how you please. Also it comes with a remote control that you can control everything from distance.

Who can benefit from HotixPro?

From our in-depth research, we discovered that various people are seeing the benefits of HotixPro for a range of different reasons. Mothers are utilizing them to keep their baby’s nursery at a consistent temperature, while entrepreneurs are keeping the chill out of their home offices as well. What’s more, DIY dads are plugging them into their garages while they work on their home projects in a typically cold part of the home.

We also heard from hoteliers and accommodation workers who invest in dozens of them for their motel and hotel rooms. Rather than spend a ton of money each month on heating their guest rooms, they plug a single HotixPro into each space and keep their guests toasty and warm for the duration of their stay. The best part is, unlike traditional motel heating units that guests typically can’t modify to suit their needs, the HotixPro is user-friendly and adjustable. A guest can choose their own temperature and set the timer as well. We were astounded at how many industries HotixPro was suitable for – not just for people like us in office spaces.

Is HotixPro Really Worth It?


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