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8 Car Maintenance Tips And Tricks

Whenever you purchase a new vehicle the first thing that comes to your mind is to get the most out of it. The motive is to keep the car in a drivable position so that you can use it for a very long time. For this, you will have to take the necessary measures. You cannot simply expect the car to work as you want without its proper maintenance. Thus, they encounter some serious issues. Cars serve a different purpose for different people. For some, it is like a mobile home that gives them the freedom to live wherever they want. For another set of people, it is part of their business as it can be used in place of public transportation for certain instances. Here we are going to share the basic car maintenance checklist with you. You can also use some of these tips for other types of vehicles.

Car maintenance

General Car Maintenance Tips

  • Regular inspection of vehicles

Customers receive a manual that contains all the information related to the maintenance. The basic maintenance needs to be performed by yourself. This simply involves accessing each and every part of your vehicle and taking the required action. If the process requires advanced tools then you can even opt for professional help. Performing an inspection is easy. You just need to look for the correct things. The manual is going to answer all your queries like the fuel used by the manufacturer or warranty terms. In fact, this whole process will increase your knowledge about your own vehicle.

  • Know the meaning of the warning light indicators

Cars have some really beneficial indicators and sensors. These systems are going to notify you that there is something you ought to take action for. There is an engine light that indicates the problem in various components of the car, especially motor. Another one is electrical fault light. This light is an indication that the car’s electrical charging system has some problem. The most important one is the brake warning light. The issue could be in the fluid levels of brake or the brakes could be engaged. There is coolant, oil, and ABS warning light too. You must understand the meaning of these lights so that you can save your vehicle from any sort of issue.


  • Clean the brake dust

The dust brake makes the wheels of the car look unpleasant. There is also some effect on the functioning of the brake system. When you apply brakes the brake pad comes in contact with the brake rotor. This leads to the accumulation of various materials in the form of dust. Now only brake dust you should clean all the parts of the vehicle. For this, you can use products like Brush Hero. This simple tool is going to make your car cleaning experience amazing.

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  • Tire Pressure

One of the most important things to check before driving is the tire pressure. It plays an important role in affecting the fuel economy, comfort, and handling of the car. You can refer the manual to know the tire pressure of the vehicle. You can visit your nearby car maintenance shop or use simple tools to check on your own. It is good to check the tire pressure on a weekly basis.

Tire pressure
  • Check Tire Alignment

Wheel balancing is an important aspect as it is directly related to your safety. Also, it plays a role in affecting the car’s fuel economy. Thus, you must ensure that the tires are properly aligned and balanced in accordance with the mileage indicated in the manual. Generally, the wheel is rotated every 5000 miles but it is always good to recheck the details in the manual.

  • Oil levels should be accurate

A car consists of multiple parts that are mechanical in nature. These parts create friction that eventually leads to the generation of heat. Thus, you must be able to reduce the level of friction. It ensures smoother operation. Checking the oil level must be your most important task for completion. In the manual, there is complete information regarding the change of engine oil. There are different types of oil available that range from regular to a synthetic one. Check your car’s requirements and then take the required action.


  • Air Filter Replacement

The operation of the engine is dependent on the mixture of fuel and air. The air that is sucked into your car’s engine must not contain any sort of unwanted material like debris. If you do not check these things then your engine may misfire. Thus, it is necessary to replace the engine air filter as and when required. It is recommended that you gain access to the engine and check its condition yourself. This is one of the general car maintenance tips that you will find extremely useful.

  • Check the battery

A dead battery problem is something nobody wants to face. There are many automobile shops that offer the service of the testing battery. This is a really good habit as it ensures that you do not pay the high amount in the end. It is recommended that you replace the battery every four years.


It is extremely important to maintain your cars. These are one of the most expensive additions to your lifestyle. If you plan to buy your favorite car then paying the amount of purchasing it is not the only thing that will help. You have to make sure that its performance doesn’t degrade. For this, you have to keep in mind these easy to follow maintenance tips and tricks. With little investment over time, you can save money for the future. We might have missed some of the tips but the crucial ones are definitely in the list. Also, there are various tools available in the market that you can use yourself for regular maintenance. It’s up to you whether you want to save money in the long run or not.

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