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7 Best Wireless Surround Sound System Reviews 2020

Are you tired of the cabling system? It goes all over your home and you keep organizing it. Do you want something that is hustle-free? If you still do not know what you should go for then we are going to introduce you to the best wireless surround sound system. This article will give you an insight into these systems. To make it easy for you to select the best one we have shortlisted the best wireless surround sound system for you. It will save your time of reading different features from multiple online shopping sites.

Surround systems are popular but the wireless ones are taking over the wired ones. People simply love the convenience with which they can enjoy the actual cinema. The concept of using surround systems is old but its popularity seems to be taking over now. People can now enjoy their own small home theater system with the help of this new and innovative audio and video equipment. Here, we are going to mainly discuss these wireless systems.

Polk Audio
Yamaha Audio
200W to 400W


  • Size: The wireless surround is going to give you a wonderful experience. These systems are available in variable size. You must have enough space at your home to keep the system. If you are planning to carry it to multiple locations then you should go for an average size system.
  • Price: The wireless surround system are available in varied price range. The price depends on the brand, quality, features, and other constraints. Once you will go through the complete details of the product you will be able to understand which product you want. You can go for a product that falls in your budget with limited functionalities too.
  • Voice Control: In the wireless surround systems there are certain functions that give you more control over it. One of them is the voice control. Using this function you will be able to change voice levels and customize the sound accordingly.
  • Speakers: The speakers can be filtered on the basis of their type. You can also check the number of speakers you will get. For people who love more sound can opt for more number of speakers. It basically depends on the theater system you are planning to create for yourself.

1. POLK AUDIO *Small Size More Sound*

Polk Audio wireless surround sound

Polk Audio is like a mini home theater surround bar for you. It will deliver the same audio and surround experience that you will otherwise expect from a full-size audio bar. The manufacturer has been one of the specialists in the genre of speakers. You can literally bring concerts to your home using wireless streaming function.


  • This is a compact style system that comes with a collection of drivers and tweeters. These will produce exceptionally clear sound. Using 5.1 Dolby Digital and Polk’s exclusive technology it will give you the best experience.
  • It’s ultra-compact look is sure to impress you. Even with such small size it will outperform the ones that are double its size.
  • You can customize the voice levels to hear that perfect, clear, crisp sound while watching movie.
  • This is the only mini sound bar that comes with a subwoofer. It will create that deep bass impact you will need for an immersive home theater.
  • You can directly stream music using the tablet, smartphone, or other devices. You can select millions of songs from Spotify, Google Play Music, and more.
  • Universal compatibility
  • Easy setup
  • Subwoofer
  • Voice adjust technology
  • Compact size
  • Six driver array
  •  Not suitable for extremely large spaces

2. NAKAMICHI *Advanced Connectivity*

This has been the top rated wireless surround sound home theater system. It is built using all the latest technical features that you would require. You will receive the package with the 45-inches soundbar. It will be powered by 400-watt. For watching 4K videos this product comes with HDMI port. It means you are definitely going to buy the product with latest technology.

Nakamichi wireless surround sound


  • It comes with a whole new level of performance. There are 3 advanced audio processing engines. These will work together to enlarge spaciousness and provide you with that extra detailed soundtrack.
  • You will be surprised to know that it comes with up to 7.2.4 channels that give you an uncompromising audio that flows around you.
  • The dual wireless subwoofers will produce that ground-shaking effect you will love. You can feel it by sitting anywhere in your room.
  • It will unleash cinema-level volumes that you will hear without a single trace of distortion. It will replicate the perfect cinema experience for you.
  • For producing that dynamic sound it comes with 2-way rear speakers. For constructing these speakers the use of tweeter makes it produce high frequencies.
  • Advanced connectivity
  • 7 channels
  • 14 speaker drivers
  • 2-way rear surrounds
  • Maximum impact
  • Seamless integration
  •  Pairing with ARC not that good

3. YAMAHA *Powerful Bass*

The benefit of this system is that it doesn’t come with multiple parts. It comes with only two pieces packed together. It is the first sound bar that comes with DTS Virtual: X. Thus, it is capable of virtualization in different dimensions. It will offer more realistic reproduction of sonic waves. It would reduce the complexity that you face with numerous speakers.

Yamaha Audio wireless surround sound


  • The six speaker drivers will deliver dynamic sound that is exceptionally clear. You will be able to hear all the details that you miss by relying on built-in speakers.
  • It is best for those late night parties or movie nights. The subwoofer will produce an impactful bass that can be felt from anywhere around. You can make adjustments to the subwoofer level using the remote control.
  • This product is that perfect balance you are looking for between beauty and function. Its interesting design will complement your TV and offers best operating functions.
  • For easiest setup you can use the optical cable. You can connect the cable to the output of a TV. Also, the system has input and output port for HDMI.
  • You can use the Bluetooth feature to stream your favorite music from the mobile phone.
  • DTS Virtual: X
  • Optical or analog connection
  • Slim design
  • Powerful bass
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Multiple control options
  •  Dolby plus may not work.

4. VIZIO *Advanced Audio Technology*

The Vizio wireless surround sound comes in two different styles. One is of 2.1 channel and other one is of 5.1 channel. The more streaming or surround sound you want the more channels one you can select. It would require a bit more space as the length is 42 inches. With 101db of sound power you can yourself understand how good the product might be.

Vizio wireless surround sound


  • You will get amplified entertainment with this surround system. Its smart design makes it a great choice for people who want the system with interesting design.
  • Its three channel sound bar will boost your TV audio so that you can hear the dialogues properly.
  • It comes with wide range of options. Talking about the range of bass it can be as deep as 50 Hz. So the subwoofer will produce sound as high as concert and as low as rumble.
  • Vizio features advanced audio technology. The smartcast sound bars will produce the cinema quality sound.
  • The sound bar is also compatible with Google assistant. Thus, the process will be more simplified for you. You can use your voice to control the sound bar.
  • 101 dB sound
  • Less than 1% distortion
  • Amazing bass
  • Advanced audio technology
  • Three-channel sound bar
  •  Requires more space

5. ALPHASONIK *Qi Wireless Charging*

For people who are interested in the perfect match of technology with style we have the best addition for you. The Alphosonik wireless surround sound system is an elegant piece of furniture with high functionalities. It is a modern accent table that will stand 25 inches tall. This piece will perfectly complement any type of modern setting. 

Alphasonik wireless surround sound


  • The table comes in sleek piano black finish. It is completely wrapped in black fabric.
  • It comes with built-in wireless Qi charging and Bluetooth speaker.
  • You will get 10 drivers, 2 tweeters, 4 Wireless surround sound speakers, and 4 passive radiators. Everything is perfectly wrapped in the table. You will hear clear audio.
  • The table is going to produce 360-degree stereo effect. So the audio will be massive to fill any room.
  • You can even charge your devices using its built-in charger. All you have to do is keep your device on the marking that has Qi symbol on the table top. It is compatible Samsung, iPhone, and other devices.
  • It also comes with AUX and USB port. These ports are located at the back of the table. For wired devices you can use those ports.
  • 360-degree Bluetooth speaker 
  • AUX port
  • USB ports
  • Easy to install
  • Sleek design
  • Table design so you cannot keep it in cabinet

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6. JBL *High End*

For that ultimate wireless movie experience you must select the JBL bar 5.1. It is quick to transform from a simple soundboard to a wireless home theater system. You will get true 4K connectivity with its 3 HDMI in/out ports. Just connect your 4K devices and get ultra-entertainment at your home. You can even use your existing TV remote control. Thus, you can easily switch between the sound from your phone or tablet and TV.

JBL Wireless Surround Sound


  • With the JBL bar wireless surround sound system you will get two detachable speakers. The speakers are wireless and operate using batteries. Once fully charged you can use them for 10-hours.
  • It requires 510W of total power. You will also get 10 inches wireless subwoofer in the package.
  • You can enjoy anything from movies to games with DTS, Dolby Pro Logic, and Dolby digital.
  • The product is from a reputed brand so you can totally trust it. We are sure the quality experience you will get with this product will impress you with first use.
  • With this product you will receive 60 day technical support. In case you face any sort of issue in set up, connect, or configure process then you can take help from the technicians.
  • High end
  • Epic experience
  • Detachable speakers
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • 4K devices connectable
  •  Price is a bit high owing to its quality.

7. GOOBANG *Touch and Remote Control*

If you are looking for an affordable wireless surround sound option then this product would be great buy. It comes with some really interesting features in affordable range. With 120 Watts power and 110 dB sound you will get powerful stereo audio. It comes with dual tweeter and full-range speakers. You will get fantastic surround sound experience.

Goobang wireless surround sound


  •  It comes equipped with coaxial, optical, AUX input. You can easily use them with any device like computer, tablet, TV, or AV receiver.
  • The Bluetooth 4.2 connection will allow you to stream music wirelessly. In 15m range you can stream music from any device.
  • This is an ultra-thin system with 34 inches length. It could be a great choice if you are going to pair it with 35 inches flat screen TV.
  • There are 4EQ audio modes. These are news, music, 3D, and movie. For each mode you can enjoy a different setting of surround sound system.
  • You will get a full function remote and in-unit buttons. These will allow you to easily use things. With just a click you can select sound input modes, treble, or bass settings.
  • Powerful
  • Clear sound
  • Sleek design
  • Audio modes
  • Easy to operate
  • Clear sound
  • Requires a bit space.


We have chosen the systems with best wireless surround sound speakers. These range in terms of channel, sound quality, size, and more. If you are searching for a high end product then you can go for JBL bar wireless surround sound. In a similar manner, you can choose your favorite by going through their description. These systems will definitely change the way you have been watching movies and tv shows at home. If you are shopping for your home and want other convenient options then you can also check the espresso machine reviews

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