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Vivian Lou Reviews: Wear Heels Without Pain

vivian lou

Do you wear high heels? We are sure that every woman has worn a high heel at some point in time in her life. Whether you think of a wedding or a casual party, a pair of high heels will add that extra glamour to your look. The high-heeled shoe is part of almost every woman’s closet. They just can’t get enough of a pair of heels. After all, it is the ultimate piece of fashion that every woman wants. Still, there are a lot of women who cannot wear high heels as these have some negative impacts associated with them.

vivian lou reviews

We have a solution to all those heels related problems of yours. If something is comfortable then it tends to cause less harm or no harm. If a high heel is not comfortable then even if it is of luxurious brand or unique look it is going to be of no use to you. Thus, we have come up with one of the most interesting and easy to use solution for you and that is Vivian Lou.

What is Vivian Lou?

Vivian Lou is basically an insole. This is the insole that is known for stopping the high heel pain. Yes, you have heard it right. These insoles are designed specially as a solution to high heels issues. Also, the major advantage associated with them is the involvement of podiatrist. Thus, you can totally trust them as all the points of your foot and ankle are kept in mind while designing them.

Vivian Lou Insoles

Why Vivian Lou Insoles?

We would say why not? Don’t you want to wear heels without pain? If a single product can help you get rid of all those issues then you should definitely go for it. We are sure nobody likes to visit the doctor again and again for the same problem.

Vivian Lou Insoles Reveiws

· Switch To Smarter Way

Even the podiatrist who designed these insoles knew that women would never stop wearing heels. Thus, he along with a rocket scientist created this unique piece. The results are appreciated by multiple users.

· Reduced Pressure On Forefoot

Studies claim that if you wear a 3-inch foot then 75% of the pressure is on the forefoot. On the forefoot, the toe and the ball face the most peak force. You can test the insole by wearing the left heel without the insole. Now, for the foot on the right, you use the Vivian Lou insoles. You will yourself feel that there is an incredible shift in weight from forefoot to the heel. This shift is really significant as it would result in various other benefits like improved body alignment, ankle stability, and much more.


· Less Motion From Toe To Downwards

Wearing a high heel clearly means that there is a change in alignment of the foot. If you are going to make changes to the natural alignment of your foot then it will definitely result in some repercussions. Vivian Lou has the ability to adjust the position and pitch of your foot in such a way that any women can wear high heels. You won’t be hurt if your insoles while wearing heels. The reason for such benefit is that the insole will rotate the heel up and back. This will result in negating the toe-down motion of the foot. As a result, there will be a shift in the weight to the heel.


· Improved Posture

There will be a significant improvement in the posture. You will walk with straight posture and gait. This correct alignment of your body would result in the improvement of your posture. If you will stand straight then obviously your standing height would increase. You will experience a significant reduction in the strain on the back, knees, and hips. Also, it will support your natural heel to toe stride. There will be up to 9% increase in the length of the stride. In the landing movement too there will be a decrease in the force on the ball.

· Prevents Pain

The insoles will slightly adjust the position of the foot. This will eventually result in preventing your foot from slipping forward. If there won’t be much pressure on your foot then it won’t be painful for you to wear high heels. There are foam and gel inserts that create a form of illusion. You will feel padding at the ball of the foot. Thus, it will certainly mask the real cause of pain.

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How Vivian Lou is different?

· Slim Look

There might be other insoles available but you won’t find the insoles as slim as Vivian Lou. The length of these insoles is less than 7 inches while the thickness is 0.5 cm. These insoles won’t crowd your toes while you place them under your foot. You won’t even feel that the shoes are tight or there is something that is pushing your foot out of the shoe.

· Resin

The use of clear resin material makes it impossible to see the insole in any shoe. Thus, the product is versatile in usage. You can use it even with open toe shoes or sandals. This has to be one of the best reasons to buy this insole. Because of invisibility, you must place an order for this product now.

· Sizing

Another interesting feature that makes this insole a perfect buy is its precise sizing. We people have different shoe size so a single insole won’t work for everyone. Thus, there to meet everyone’s demands the Vivian Lou is available in four different sizes. They are P, S, M, and L in size. Thus, you will get an insole that will perfectly fit your size requirements.

· Long Lasting

The staying power of this product is really good. The credit goes to the usage of resin. This material doesn’t wear down like foam or get based insoles. Also, these insoles won’t slip out of place. They permanently adhere to the base of the shoe. Thus, you won’t have to place the insole again and again and make adjustments.

· Reduced Chances Of Fatigue

Vivian Lou supports the heels properly. Thus, it allows for easy rotation. Your walking motion would be more natural and comfortable that would result in fewer chances of foot fatigue.

· Experts Involved

Whenever you buy products that are targeted towards providing comfort to you, the involvement of experts matters. Here, the podiatrist knows what’s best for your foot. So his involvement ensures that you get the best results.

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· Less Strain On Plantar Fascia

Vivian Lou will give proper space to the soft tissues of your foot. Thus, there will be a reduction in strain on your foot and you will feel more comfortable.

· Won't Smell

The material is really good when it comes to usage. We have heard of inserts that smell bad after long usage. The resin material won’t let bacteria to multiply. The inserts that are made of poor quality foam or gel have such problems.


I always wanted to wear high heels for various occasions but due to the discomfort, I had to limit my wish. Other than weddings I never wore high heels. It’s not that I haven’t tried anything before but nothing actually worked for me. There are tons of DIY and tips and tricks videos available online. They claim that you can wear high heels with utmost comfort by using them. For some they do work but the results are not long lasting. While surfing on the internet to find the best solution for my high heels issues I came across Vivian Lou.

Initially, I was a bit reluctant to buy this product as there are multiple things that haven’t worked for me. But I had a second thought that when I can try various other things then why not this one. That is the reason that I placed the order for Vivian Lou. Also, the Vivian Lou reviews were good. After using these insoles once I felt super comfortable walking in the heels. Also, there was no slipping of the insole while walked a long distance. Now, I have ordered multiple pairs of these insoles for my other high heels. Once you will use this product you will definitely feel the need to buy more of it.


If you are looking for Vivian Lou Insoles reviews then we have given the complete details of the product along with the experience of using it. We highly recommend buying this product and if there is any sort of offer going on grab more pairs. This product is sure to impress you in its first usage itself. Now, buy your favorite pair of high heels without thinking about the pain. Vivian Lou is going to give you the best experience. From material to every other thing about this product is just perfect. You are free to ask us anything about this product. We are here to provide you with the details that are best to our knowledge. There is a comment section where you can write your queries.

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