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9 Best Dash Cam Reviews 2021 For Cars

Dashboard cameras that are in shortly called dash cams are becoming extremely popular day by day. There is not one but numerous benefits involved with buying this product. This is a simple camera that is mounted on the dashboard of the car. It is designed in such a way you can record images and sounds while you are driving. Once you start driving on the road you never know what is going to come on your way. There are multiple rules enforced to ensure your safety while you drive but still a lot of people do not follow them. It is a problem for both who breaks the rules and the one who has to face its repercussions. That’s why it is important to carry the best dash cam that records each and everything that happens while you are on the go.

The main reason why people buy dash cam is to collect evidence of a car accident. These days everyone from regular drivers to taxi and bus drivers keep cameras on their dashboard. If a car crash occurs and you are innocent then you can prove it by using the recording. Without recording it is difficult to prove your point to another driver. The driver may claim a large amount that may be difficult for you to pay. In fact, you can even help someone as it will record everything that occurs on the road. To make it easy for you to select the dash cam we have shared the dash cam reviews.

ToGuard [Top Pick] 170°
Apeman 150°
Vava 360°
WheelWitness [Best Value] 170°
BYZ 150°
BlackVue [Editor’s Choice] 170°
Garmin 150°
Accfly 170°
Catnee 170°


If you are new to this whole concept of using dash cam then we have shortlisted some points that will help you buy it. Once you go through these points it will be much easier for you to select the perfect dash cam.

  • Number of Channel:There are one channel and two channel dash cams available. The difference lies in the view. In two channel one you will be able to see both front and rear view while in one channel only front view. If you are ready to invest a little more and want to record even what happens in the interiors of your then go for the two channel one.
  • Video Quality: The main function for which people buy dash cams is video recording. This is the reason the video quality of even low priced products is pretty good. In case of high-end dash cams, it is excellent. The resolution could be as high as 1440P. If you record your road trip video while on the go then you will probably prefer a higher resolution camera otherwise an average one will do.
  • Screen: Dash cams come with and without a screen. If you buy the one with LCD then you view the recording immediately and make different sort of settings and view them. There are ones with a small screen so that the dash cam is of smaller size. Another type is one with large touchscreens. It depends on you that whether you really want quick access through the screen.
  • Mounting Mechanism: There are two ways by which you can mount a dash cam. They are by using suction cups and adhesives. The benefit associated with suction cups is that you can easily mount and remove it. If you travel in different vehicles then suction one would be better as you can use it in any of them. In case you are buying it for one vehicle and you will use it on that particular vehicle only then opt for adhesive one. The adhesive one will stick to the dashboard and will be more sturdy.
  • Night Vision: The night vision mode allows the dash cam to record videos with more clarity at night. People who often travel during night time will look for this feature. It is more risky to travel during night time so it will be an added advantage for you.
  • Loop Recording: The recording mechanism is another thing that matters. If you are ready to invest in memory cards and want all the videos then you may not require this feature. If the storage space of your dash cam is full then loop recording will start recording over old footage. It saves money as you won’t have to invest in memory space.
  • Installation: The dash cam’s installation must be easy. Nobody has time to install and remove systems in their car. We are always in need of something that is quick to use. If not quick installation then you should at least receive a user manual so that the steps can be understood easily.
  • Storage Capacity: The storage capacity of the dash cam should be good enough. The dash cam usually vary between 8GB and 16Gb per hour storage. There are chances that you notice the damage on your car a little later. So it would be better if the memory space is large it would reduce the chance of overwriting the video.
  • Connectivity: There are certain products like Halfords dash cam that provide more connectivity options. If the dash cam with GPS connectivity is available then you can monitor the driving habits of your son or daughter. It is even beneficial for the taxi owners to view if the driver drives within a certain speed limit or not. Another important feature that could be available is Wi-fi connectivity. It will allow you to access the dash cam through your phone’s screen. Using this feature it will handy for you to post videos on social media or any other medium.

1. TOGUARD *Uber Dual Dash Cam*

ToGuard Dash Cam

ToGuard is a dash cam that comes in dual combination. It means you will get both front and rear camera. There isc an advanced Sony Exmor sensor that can record both the area on the road and inside the car. You will get to record high quality picture and video using this highly efficient dash cam. For people who travel with customers in their car will require rear view recording too. They may want to monitor what is going on in their car. There are incidents when mis happenings occur while traveling so it will help you in saving the evidence of the same.


  • The dual cam comes with the ability to record the front view at 170 degree and cabin view at 160 degree. In fact, the resolution is high that is 1920 x 1080P. Also, with 30 frames per second, you will get to record a high-quality video. In case you will only utilize the front camera then the resolution would be 2560 x 1440P.
  • This camera is perfect for use even during night time. It is a perfect combination with f/2.0 aperture, Sony IMX323 sensor, and 4 IR LED lights. Even when the cabin will be extremely dark you will be able to see everything clearly.There is a special addition of the glass lens i.e. F/1.8 6. This lens will balance the dark and light areas in the HDR video system.
  • You won’t have to worry about the storage space. There is a loop recording mechanism that will overwrite the old footage. So you can use the same storage space for really long time.
  • The dash cam is programmed to automatically turn on the time motion is detected in front of it. So you won’t have to manually turn on the dash cam again and again. 
  • You can install the ToGuard dash cam in two ways. The first one is through adhesive stickers and the other one is through suction cup. 
  • Dual 1080P dash cam
  • Infrared night vision
  • Seamless loop recording
  • G-sensor
  • Motion detection
  • Excellent audio recording
  • Dual dash cam so a bit pricey

2. APEMAN *Full HD Dual Dash Cam*

Apeman is a high-quality dash cam that will provide you with crystal clear video quality. This dash cam belongs to the A series that means you will get a more advanced option. You will get a full upgraded version of cam especially when it comes to sensors. The manufacturer is known for combining the leading technologies with the advanced design. It supports 128GB max micro SD card that means you can store a lot of data on it.

Apeman Dash Cam


  • With the single front cam, you can record at 2560x1440P or 2304x1296P or 1920x1080P. In the first two resolution, it will record 30 frames per second while for the last one it will be 60 frames per seconds. So you will get top quality picture along with excellent visual experience.
  • There are six glass lens that come with the optical filter. It will result in bright and clear images. There are reduced chances of blind zones as the 150 degree wide angle will record accurately. With a 2.7 inch wide LCD screen you will get a detailed view around the car.
  • The installation is easy as the design is user-friendly. In the complete package, you will get a car charger, a suction mount, 3M stickers, 3M hard mount, cable, and a 1080P rear camera. Basically, you will get everything you will need for installation.
  • There is a built-in G-sensor. If there will a sudden shake around the car then it will automatically lock the footage. So you can use it as a proof and prevent disputes in an accident case. 
  • Carefree driving trip
  • Screensaver function
  • Advanced night vision technology
  • Emergency accident lock
  • 6 glass lens
  • Simple installation
  • Super high definition
  • Requires external power but you can battery in case of emergency

3. VAVA *Wi-Fi Dash Camera*

Vava is one of the top-rated dash cams in the market. People have given positive feedback as the dash cam performs really well when you compare it with other cams that are available in the same range. Also, the design of the dash cam seems to be more ergonomic. Its low-profile look will keep it hidden while it witnesses your journey on the road.

Vava Dash Cam


  • The Vava is based on the Sony IMX291 sensor, powerful Novatek NT96663 and 1080P dash cam. Its recording feature is nowhere behind when it comes to the quality of the video. The high resolution of the video is at 1920x1080P. It can record 60 frames per second.
  • You can rotate the camera in any direction. The 360 degree swivel function will help you do so. So you can record footage in front, rear or anyway around.
  • It comes built-in with Wi-fi and there is VAVA dash application available on the Google and App store. You won’t have to remove thecamera to access the footage on it. Just configure, playback, live stream, or download the footage. In fact, you can share the incredible HD video on the social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and more.
  • While using the cam at night the vision will be much enhanced. The reason is the use of the 6-glass lens along with 1 IR LED lights. You can drive safely at night in low light environment. You can consider it perfect car camera for lyft drivers, families, or commuters.
  • You can manually capture the images and videos by using the remote snapshot button. It is best if you use it while going on a trip as you may encounter interesting locations. If you find something intriguing then capture it immediately.
  • The dash cam will work in even extreme conditions. So you can use in the temperature range from -4 degree Fahrenheit to 122 degree Fahrenheit.
  • GPS enabled
  • Extreme temperature guard
  • 3-axis G-sensor
  • Wi-fi dash cam
  • Vava dash cam app
  • Parking mode
  • Compact design
  • No separate rear camera so you will gave to swivel and use it

4. WHEELWITNESS *Premium Dash Cam For Cars And Trucks*

Don’t you feel sometimes that you should go back in time and reminisce the journey to your favorite place? You cannot hold a camera during your whole journey. There is a possibility that you may miss a certain scenic view. Also, holding a camera for long is sometimes tiring. That is when the WheelWitness dash cam will come into the picture. It is the perfect travel companion for anyone who loves to save memories. In fact, travel bloggers use this so that they can regularly update their followers. You will get this dash cam for sale at a reasonable price.

WheelWitness Dash Cam


  • WheelWitness dash cam comes equipped with Ambarella processor that is known for its exceptional performance. This HD Pro model is a perfect example of what we call ultra-clear super HD recording. With 170 degrees of super wide angle, it offers a resolution of 2304 x 1296P.
  • Using the 3-inch LCD screen you can monitor what the camera sees. It will show you a preview on the screen. You can also access the various settings, media playback, and menu options using the four physical buttons. There are two buttons on each side of the screen.
  • The WDR technology has made it easy for you to record during day or night, or even when driving through tunnels. It has the ability to compensate for the dark and light spots of the frame in one shot. So it will show you a more balanced exposure.
  • There is not much that you will have to do for installing this dash cam. All you have to do is insert the SD card then mount it and plug in the power. The time dash cam will sense power it will automatically start recording. Once you will stop the car i.e. the ignition will shut off then camera will turn off.
  • The GPS module accessory will capture the coordinates, speed, and location of the motor vehicle. You can again play the video to check the speed of the vehicle at a particular time. Also, you can view the real-time location of the vehicle. 
  • Automatic on and off function
  • 2 sticky mounts
  • 1 suction cup
  • 170-degree wide angle
  • A7LA50 processor
  • HD pro model
  •  MicroSD card is not included but the cam is available at reasonable rate

5. BYZ *Wide-Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder*

BYZ is a compact sized dash cam. It won’t take up much space and wouldn’t be much visible if someone looks inside. For people who do not want to show off that they are using a highly functional dash cam, it will be a great choice. You won’t miss any interesting moment on the journey. You can save proofs if you encounter a dangerous situation while on the go. 

BYZ Dash Cam


  • The BYZ dash cam comes equipped with exceptional Ambarella A12 chip. This high-end configuration makes it an apt choice as it will record 2K super clear video. The resolution is 2560 x 1440P. It can record 30 frames per second.
  • With this dash cam, you will able to record night video of same quality as the day one.
  • For safety during any type of collisi,on the G-sensor will formulated to detect any type of collision. It will lock the current video recording so the footage can be used in the future. Another major benefit of this cam is that the video will be kept safe from being overwritten.
  • If there are multiple members in your family who drive the same car then you may want to track the speed. The built-in GPS tracking system will accurately record the driving speed and location. It will ensure that your car is not misused and everyone drives the car in controlled speed.
  • This dash cam comes with a one year warranty. Although the product is of good quality but the warranty increases customer’s trust on the product.
  • Supports loop recording
  • 2.3 inch LCD display
  • Greatly reduces noise
  • Japanese glass lens for no data loss
  • Smart monitoring
  • One year warranty
  • Micro SD card is not included so you will have to spend a bit

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6. BLACKVUE *4K Ultra High Definition Dash Cam*

BlackVue dash cam’s DR900S is the latest addition to the list of dash cams. It comes with all the features a user looks for in a high-end top range dash cam. The manufacturer was not popular when it came to HD recording but this model has definitely given it a boost. The 4K resolution offering has gained significant attention of a lot of customers. In fact, BlackVue dash cam is amongst the top dash cams of 2020.

BlackVue Dash Cam


  • The design of the dash cam is unique and sleek. Its discreet cylindrical design has made it stand out from others. A lot of people prefer this sort of look. Also, you will find rose gold or copper accents around the ring of the front lens.
  • You will get Wi-Fi with 5GHz of bandwidth that is faster with 802.11ac standard. The controls that are available on the dash cam are super easy to use.
  • For intuitive access, you need to download the BlackVue app and viewer. Once you download it you can easily change the BlackVue configuration and browse through the videos. Connect with the dash cam wi-fi and check the real time view and change the positioning of the dash cam.
  • There is a proximity sensor that will ease your work even more. You just have to wave your hand in front of the dash cam and it will turn the audio recording on and off. You can even configure it to trigger manual event videos.
  • The front cam is full HD with 8 megapixels sensor. It will record videos with the resolution of 3840x2160P. For rear cam the resolution is 1920x1080P.
  • 2 channel
  • Built-in GPS
  • Dual Wi-Fi
  • 4K ultra high definition capture
  • Proximity sensor
  • Sony STARVIS image sensor
  • 162-degree angle
  • 128-GB micro SD card
  •  It’s a high end product so a bit costly

7. GARMIN *Extremely Small Dash Cam*

Garmin dash cam is available in different styles i.e. Dash Cam 45, Dash Cam 55, and more. Each style varies in size and design. Based on what you think is most suitable for your car you can buy one. The biggest advantage of using this type of dash cam is that it is extremely small in size. 

Garmin Dash Cam


  • Garmin dash cam is easy to use. It is a high-definition driving recorder that comes with 2.0 inches of the LCD display. Its wide-angle lens are so good that they can capture the entire road. Not only video, but it also records time and location data in detail. You can easily pinpoint where and when the event occurred.
  • It is a eyewitness that goes with you wherever you go. When the sensor detects that an incident has occurred it automatically record the event. It knows that you will need the current, next, and last recordings so all of them are preserved for you.
  • There is built-in wi-fi in this dash cam. You will get the chance of wirelessly syncing videos to a compatible smartphone. Just download the free VIRB application and instantly share the videos with the insurance agencies and others.
  • If you move out of the lane then the dash cam will alert you so that you stay in your lane.
  • While driving sometime you just don’t release that you have come too close to a vehicle. In such a case a forward collision warning will alert you.
  • This dash cam is going to be your complete saviour. If there is a red light or speed camera nearby then it will warn you so that you do not break rules.
  • Small and inconspicuous
  • High-quality 2.1 megapixel camera
  • Lane departure warning
  • Wirelessly sync videos
  • Incident detection
  • Lane departure warning
  • Forward collision and speed camera warning
  • Dash cam price range varies with style

8. ACCFLY *Touch Screen Dash Cam*

Accfly is a dual mirror dash cam. There is a mirror on each and the camera is located in the centre. The design of the dash cam is rectangular with slightly angular on the sides. It looks more like the mirror that is fitted in the center at the top of the front glass of the car. So it is not going to be more like those small cams that are not visible from outside. It fairly does its job for which you are going to buy it.

Accfly Dash Cam


  • The Accfly dash cam is simply easy to install. It will perfectly fit over your existing rear view mirror. After that, you can install the cable inside the cabin and plug in it into the cigarette lighter.
  • Its screen size is 5 inches and it records video with a resolution of 1920x1080P in from front and 640×480 in the rear view. There are six glass lens layers that work with high efficiency processors to provide you with the best result.
  • The rear view camera will record 120 degree wide area. When you will connect it to the reversing light there will be automatically switch over to trigger the guideline for safe parking. There are four night vision lights that make sure that you can use the camera in poorly lit areas.
  • You can view the rear and front view videos at the same time on screen.
  • For turning off the dash cam you can use both manual and automatic option. For automatic shut off just set the timer at 3,5, or 10 minutes.
  • The cam car recorder supports up to 32GB storage. So you can save a lot of data on this dash cam. It is recommended that you format the SD or TF card before using it.
  • Dual mirror
  • 5-inch touch screen
  • Automatic safeguards
  • Picture-in-picture display
  • Recording storage
  • Parking mode
  • Size of the dash cam is a bit large

9. Catnee *FHD Car DVR Driving Recorder*

Catnee is a dash cam that will offer you super clean footage. By using these types of dash cam you can raise awareness and promote road safety by reducing road trauma. This will act as key evidence to solve the dispute that occurs in case of vehicle collision. 

Catnee Dash Cam


  • This is a black colored dash cam that comes with 1080P full HD resolution. With 30 frames per second recording, it will provide you with the best quality video. It can be understood from the fact that it can capture clear details of a license plate too. 
  • The 170 degree field of view will cover an area up to four lanes. There will be less or no blind spots so that the dash cam can pick up the precious moments from all types of angles. Along with the video, audio is also recorded. This will be an added advantage.
  • In the package, you will receive dash cam, USB cable, suction cup, car charger, and user manual. You won’t have to rely on anyone for a successful installation. It can completed by you using the manual.
  • It is suitable for use even in situations with low light. You will be able to record clearer footage.
  • The manufacturer offers three months of money back guarantee. So if there is any problem then you will get a refund. Also, for technical issues, you can avail their free service as it also has an 12-month warranty. 
  • Clean footage
  • Zero blind spot
  • Gravity sensor
  • User-friendly experience
  • WDR technology
  • Wide-angle coverage
  •  Only suction cup mechanism available for mounting it


It takes a lot of effort to select the best dash cams. The dash cam reviews need to be analysed and even after that, there are tons of things to be done. We have reduced all these efforts for our readers as they can take a quick view of their features, pros, and cons to select one for them. Dash cams are extremely useful these days. So we highly recommend you buy one for your car too. There are ones with only front cam then there are ones with both front and rear cam. You will get all sorts of dash cams with high quality videos.

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