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Best Vinyl Cutters (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020)

Although we all enjoy crafting but one day my friend tough my about vinyl cutters than a prepare a list of Best Vinyl Cutters that can be used for creating design this is essential tool used in designing and producing label, stickers and many more you will rarely need to use scissors any more it vinyl cutter just not only cut vinyl but this can be used for cutting board, cards, foil and balsa wood and many more.

This is a digital control scissors you an easily control these from your computer just command the design to computer and you are ready for cutting process it will automatically design every hardest to hardest design in just seconds.

Product Name Feature  
DEWALT DCG413B 20V MAX Brushless Cut Off Tool/Grinder​ 9000 RPMs, no loading speed
Bosch 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder 1375A ​ Comfort and angle grinder
DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool Come with 3 year warranty.
Metabo HPT Angle Grinder, 4-1/2" lightweight with 4.0 lbs
PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Angle Grinder Tool, Cast metal help during excess heat.

It contain vinyl sheets, and many other required things comes with 1 year of warranty it make lot work easy now need to design manually just scan your design with computer and command you are good to go now this smart cutter will perform its task.


  • Comes with manufacture 1 year warranty you need to make any unnecessary expenses after getting this silhouette cameo cutter you can now create your own design.
  • High speed durable swing design single tap auto adjust blade make your job easy and faster contain 24 sketch pens 12″ x12″ cutting mat provide professional finish of work.
  • Comes with built in cross cutting capacity you can use hook tool, scraper tool, dual tool motor system these are 4 tool adapter.
  • Latest technology built in roll feeder and touch panel.
  • Come with all exclusive designs and full color printer also contain e-guide to study it how to use.
  • Comes with 1 year of warranty
  • Latest builtin technology
  • Built in exclusive design it full suits color printer.
  • Smart scan cutting capability
  • Easily connectivity with computer
  • No battery included

Now its easy to make any custom design, sticker just in seconds it can accept any type of file format .png, .jpg and many more it can cut material upto 3mm of thickness comes with built in 683 design. the smart sensor technology helps to auto adjust feature.


  • Scan drawing printer compatible with cutting any type of material easily now will get manual sticker in just seconds.
  • Comes with built in design 682 and 100 unique pattern its easy to use with 5″ touch screen led display.
  • No material selection required it contain smart sensor that automatically detect the material adjust accordingly.
  • It can cut upto 3mm thickness material paper, fabric, balsa wood and foam and felt.
  • Easy to connect with wireless network pc, smart phone and transfer data with the help of brother canvas workspace application.
  • Compatible with cutting all type of material
  • Can cut upto 3mm of thickness
  • NO extra space required to keep it.
  • Easy to connect with pc and smart phone.
  • Comes with 682 unique design.
  • Need electricity to operate it

Exclusive design with fast cutting capacity easy allow to easy connectivity with smart phone as well as computers, you can use to cut any type of material just command from computer and you are good to go it also contain 100 design to make your life easier and professional.


  • 10 exclusive design you can design any custom design with the help of this advance printer.
  • Easy to store no necessary  expenses need to keep it and it doesn’t required any maintenance cost.
  • Smart dual motor system, which allow to cut from distinct ways and smooth cutting it perform the task 3x faster.
  • Can be used to cut any type of material without using mat. its smart tangential technology and kraft blade.
  • Provide amazing finish to work as well as you can do professional multi color printing.
  • exclusive design with cutting capacity.
  • Easy to store no extra space required.
  • Provide amazing finishing to work
  • Fast cutting blade easy connectivity with computer and smart phone.
  • Only white design avilable.

Updated 2020 design air 2 machine comes with all the necessary items required compatible with printing any type of design it accept all type of image formats the sharp cutting blade can cut any type of material it simple to connect with any device like computer, laptop etc.


  • Updated air 2 machine bundle can be used to cut variety of materials like paper, iron you can use to make personalized designs.
  • It user friendly can be used to get print with help of computer, smart phone you can upload different formats like .svg.png and .gif as well.
  • Tool kit include spatula, scissors and 9×12″ sheet you can use for home decor too.
  • it also include e book and tutorial to start your first project.
  • It include circut air machine, blade, accessory adapter, usb cord and 12 vinyl designs 8 vinyl sheet.
  • Super handy easy to use
  • Compatible with all type of file format
  • Easily connected with computer, tablets etc.
  • Can be used to cut any type of material like card, paper or vinyl etc.
  • Have to study to start your first project

Well know brand brother printer serving the community from years these are easy to use and comes with builtin cloud based design the important thing it include large 4.85″ display that helps and make lot of work easy and faster.


  • Easy to use and provide option to connect with your smart devices and pc.
  • Large smart 4.85 display make lot of work easy and operating from just touch.
  • 300 DPI scanner with the help you that you can avail daily unique design
  • comes with 631 builtin design and various font with the help of cloud software allow free access to use.
  • It also include step by step guide to use it, it can also read svg data that is its usp.
  • Easy to use and professional cutting
  • Unique builtin design with various font option
  • Large screen touch display
  • Easy to use also contain step by step guide to use it.
  • You need wifi connection to access designs.

Dewalt Grinder tool made with 11 amp this is compact in size with 3 year of warranty it contain 360 rotation with one touch guard with single action tool length with 12″ with 4-1/2 inch diameter.


  •  Unique and high performance design with multi cutting capacity.
  • Easy to cut thicker material with these new deep cut blade you can cut up to 2mm of thick material. you can easily feed material easily to machine.
  • with this machine you will get access to silhouette studio.
  • Can be use to cut custom design on card stock, vinyl, stencil material and many more.
  • It also allow to design multi color design too.
  • Unique and advance design
  • Enough smart to use and provide professional cutting
  • can easily design multi color
  • Multicolored designing capacity
  • Only available in white color

High performance circut air 2 made by experts to narrow down the manual efforts to design crafts just command the computer and this circut will bring that design in seconds no labour required to use this DIY cutter you can use to cut any type of item paper, foil and many more.


  • This is well know product out there in market circut explore air 2 DIY cutting machine it can use used for cutting wide variety of items like card stock, faux leather, foils and poster board and many more.
  • Now you can make easily custom stickers and unique design at home as well as for homes.
  • It include fine cut blade in every cricut and fine blace fine point pen to access circut design.
  • Just easily connect with any computer, tablet and mobile phones and you will get access of vast library images get free design.
  • No labour required to operate you alone can manage this now no manual crafting just use cricut to do that.
  • Soft cutting with advance technology design
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used to cut card stock, faux leather
  • Easily connectivity with you computer and smart phones.
  • Need regular ink

Final Verdict

So as you know lot about vinyl. cutter i hope you reviewed all the products we mentioned above these are all selling like anything and are value for money we narrow down the research we recommend to buy 1 product silhouette white because it comes with advance features and affordable every one can operate it its super easy to use as well, let us know in comments which one you think will best suits for you!

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