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9 Best Mini Projector Review 2020-Buying Guide

The launch of projectors is not new but the portable mini projectors are definitely new ones. Whether you plan a business seminar for your company or movie night for your friends it is incomplete without a big screen presentation. They leave a lasting impression and that’s the reason people love them. Just watch a movie on the projector and you will forget those big screen TVs. The new generation mini projectors are so good that they will cast theater-quality images in the comfort of your room. There are some powerful features that are packed in them. This is the reason you need to know the best mini projector review. These will help you in finding one for your home or office.

If you are a movie or gaming buff then you are going to love this product. You can take your gaming experience to an altogether different level. It is super easy to pair them with your mobile phones, consoles, computer, or any other device. You will get a full-sized viewing experience that is more entertaining than the television sets at your home. Since the demand is more there are a lot of brands or companies that have launched them but how will you select the best portable mini projector? This article will simplify your search and make it easy for you to select them. There is a lot of information given over here that is appropriate to understand these projectors in depth.

Vankyo [Top Pick]
TFT LCD Display Technology
Newly-Enhanced Cooling System
Vamvo [Editor's Choice]
Ultra Mini Size
Upgraded 4000 Lumens
Hibeam [Best Value]
DLP 0.2TRP Technology
Fan Noise Suppression System
M-Star Color Advanced Energy
No Radiation Technology
Cinematic Stereo Sound


  • Type Of Projector: Whether you are planning to use the projector for watching TV or giving a presentation it is important to choose the right one. If you want to view images that are up to 36 times larger than an HD TV at your home then opt for home theater projectors. In case you need a projector for presentations, meetings, or classroom instruction then you will need a business projector. They are brighter than the home theater ones and work really well with overhead lighting. These are primarily used for displaying static images. In case you are looking for a projector that fits in your briefcase then you can go for the pico or mini projectors. These are compact in size but powerful enough for sharing images and projecting.
  • Light Source: The amount of light being produced depends on the light source. If we talk about the most common light source then it is a bulb. These are more affordable and are relatively bright. The other two options are the laser and LED ones. Laser projectors are high in cost but are far brighter than the lamp projectors. Coming to the last one that is an LED projector, these offer few advantages over lamp projectors. The first one is that the lifespan of the mini projectors is good and they offer better colors with minimum noise.
  • Brightness: When it comes to the brightness of the projectors it is better if the mini projector is brighter. It will project well from long distances or in ambient light. Please note that if you are planning to project in a dark environment or close to the screen or wall then brightness won’t be important. The brightness level is measured in lumens. If the room is large with more ambient light then you will need lumens that range as high as 2000.
  • Contrast Ratio: This ratio is the measurement of brightness between black and white. If the contrast ratio is high then the darks will be deeper and the whites will be brighter. It means the picture will be more detailed and you will get a more immersive view. The contrast ratio is considered significant in the case of home projectors. In dark rooms, it is easy to notice the contrast in colors so you must opt for the one with a high ratio. You must understand that this isn’t the only criteria for selection of mini projectors. After all, the ratio doesn’t say much about the other colors that are between black and white.
  • Resolution: If you do not know then the TVs and mobile phones that you use to display pictures in pixels. Similar is the case with mini projectors and more pixels will mean better image quality. These days you will find multiple projects with HD resolution. In fact, you will find projectors with 4K resolution too. You have to understand this fact that the highest resolution comes at a high price range.
  • Lens Zoom: Projectors are no more those devices that need to be kept at a certain distance from the screens. Now, the projectors come with the zoom in and out option. They are so good that you can adjust the size of the image to as small as TV-sized to much larger projections. So if the lens zoom is big then you can project an image that is of larger size.
  • Corded or Cordless: The mini projectors are available in both corded and cordless form. If you are going to buy a smart mini projector then it will allow cordless operation. These mini projectors for Android, iPhone, or any other phone are easily available. All you have to do is download the applications and then you can connect the phones to these devices. The cordless options are less annoying as you won’t have to deal with cables.
  • Keystone Correction: There might be some reason that you are unable to place the projector perpendicular to the screen. This feature will allow you to correct distortion. It will be done by digitally adjusting the image so that it appears perfectly square on the wall or screen. 
  • Price: The cost of the product is obviously an important criterion before you finalize the product for buying it. These mini projectors are available in both low and high range. If the product is high end and it has advanced features then it is obviously going to cost you a lot. It is your choice whether you want to give importance to the functionalities or price. It would be better if you give more weight to the functionalities.

1. VANKYO  *Leisure 510 HD Projector*

Vankyo Mini Projector

Vankyo is the best mini projector for home. This will be an ideal selection if you want to customize your viewing experience. It has the ability to deliver cinematic wonder in any space. You can even use it for outdoor theater and small office usage too. It will deliver you the results that even large projectors cannot. Coming to the multimedia connectivity part it has various options. There are 2 USB, 2 HDMI, AV, VGA, and USB ports. Also, there is an additional SD card slot. Most of the video formats are readable and you can even connect your laptop, TV, or other devices.


  • The projector is going to project images of resolution 1920x1080P. You will love to watch movies at such high resolution. You can project on a screen size that ranges from 44 to 200 inches.
  • It uses a purely LED lamp that will display natural and rich colors. These LEDs are highly durable and their lifetime is up to 50,000 hours. So you can use the 10-hour per day for 15 years. This would be in fact a once in a lifetime investment for you. Your company can use them for years.
  • There are built-in 3-watt speakers that will provide outstanding audio quality. These speakers produce stereo sound to enhance visual enjoyment. It would allow powerful low pitch, high pitch, and accurate mediant.
  • It also comes with dual cooling fans. These would make sure the temperature of the projector is within a certain range that is safe and avoids overheating. If you will take breaks after 3 to 4 hours of using then its working life will be further extended.
  • This highly functional mini projector is easy to install. Within minutes of receiving it, you will be able to do a hassle-free installation.
  • You will also receive a carrying bag free of cost. So if you want to carry it with you then place it safely inside the carrying bag. 
  • Full HD video projector
  • 80% more brightness
  • Upgraded LED light source
  • Multiple multimedia connection
  • Home cinema projector
  • Stereo audio performance
  • 3-Year warranty
  • The HDMI adapter for connection with iPhone not included

2. TAINIDI *Video Projector With Headphone Jack*

Tainidi is a superior quality mini projector that comes with three years of warranty period. For this long period, you will get professional customer support. The manufacturer is ready to provide support 24/7. With top quality, you will get to enjoy the home theater experience. If you will look at the buyer’s reviews then you will find that the maximum of them have reviewed it positively. It is the quality of the product and service that speaks.

Tainidi Mini Projector


  • The lens is the most important part of a projector as you cannot project anything without it. To provide apt protection to it there is a horizontal lens cover for it. You just have to slide it for covering the lens. During the season of holidays and festivals, it could be the perfect gift to your family and friends.
  • This mini projector is ideal for use as home entertainment or small meetings. You need to place the projector’s base positioned horizontally with the table. Also, it is important to note that you will get vertical keystone correction of up to 20 degrees with the projector.
  • The Mstar advanced color algorithm chips will project sharper and brighter images. Sharper images +50% and LED lighting +70% than the ordinary projector. With high resolution, it supports a contrast ratio of 2000:1. This is the most ideal home entertainment that includes gaming and home theater.
  • These LED lamps are upgraded to display natural and rich colors. To maximize lamp utilization and reduce losses the video projector offers 50000 hours of lamp life.
  • The fan used in the mini projector is upgraded. This would mean that it won’t disturb you while you movie. In fact, by using such a projector you can give a business presentation quietly in a room. 
  • Superior quality
  • Multimedia versatility
  • Brighter images
  • Easily creates a private home cinema
  • Long warranty period
  • 50% Quieter
  • Sliding lens cover needs a bit care

3. VAMVO *Ultra Mini Portable Projector*

Are you looking for a product with complete customer satisfaction? If yes then Vamvo mini projector would be the perfect choice for you. The manufacturer is completely focussed towards satisfying the customers. There are local technical teams that work towards researching and developing the most advanced projector. We believe that by buying this product you will be 100% satisfied.

Vamvo Mini Projector


  • It is a compact and lightweight projector with a tiny frame. Coming to the measurements, it is 5.7 x 3.2 x 0.9 in inches. With weight just 0.6 lbs you know it will be easy to carry it wherever you go. 
  • The projector uses DLP technology. It is known for the advantages in reflection and excellent contrast and uniformity. With high image clarity it will produce accurate digital images.
  • Its battery capacity is high that is 5200mah. You can watch movie for more than 2 hours without requiring a charge in between. You can charge quickly by using a AC adapter.
  • This S1 projector will directly connect to your smartphone. If you want the best mini projector for iPhone then this could be the one. It supports iOS 9 and Android 5.0 or above.
  • The LED lamp is of 1800 Lumens so it is perfectly equipped with the technology to project a clear image. You will get a visual experience with 1080P resolution.
  • The S1 projector has been designed in such a way that it adopts body and touch keys in the design. The touch-keys are on the surface and are convenient to respond as operated.
  • You will get built-in speakers that use SRS that is the best sound technology. Once you will hear its well-balanced sound it will be shocked by its clear sound.
  • Compact
  • Versatile
  • Multi-screen sharing
  • Vibrant display
  • Multimedia video projector
  • Risk-free warranty
  • Local customer service
  • Ultra mini so it is a bit pricey

4. WIMIUS *Upgraded LED Projector*

If sound is the top most priority for you then Wimius could be the one for you. Movie buffs love to watch their favorite movies with high volume and clarity. This is the reason we believe they are going to love this product. With this product you will get built-in dual stereo speakers. It will produce loud and clear sound. For indoor use you won’t even need a external speaker. Its fidelity sound will give you a real cinema experience.

Wimius Mini Projector


  • For getting clear images you just have to follow two steps. The first one is the keystone correction. It is going to make the image rectangle. After that, the adjustment in the focus ring will make it even more clear.
  • There are four modes in which you can install it. Place it on the desk just like the normal projector or mount it on the ceiling. In both ways, you can opt for rear and front projection. The four holes in the bottom will make it easy for you to mount it on the ceiling.
  • This is a 4000 lumens projector so you can watch videos even during daytime. For best results, it is advised that you use it in the dark environment.
  • With an improved projector, you will get an improved LED lamp too. These are going to last you for a lifetime. If you will buy an ordinary projector then it will last you only for 3 years but this one would last you at least 10 years.
  • You can connect it with many devices like TV box, PC, Chromcast, USB driver, PS3, smartphones, PS4, and more.
  • Quieter fan noise
  • Dual stereo speaker
  • Keystone correction
  • Multiple device connections
  • 4 installation modes
  •  Needs an external adapter for connection with phones

5. HIBEAM *Mini DLP Projector*

Don’t you think the real joy of film-viewing can be experienced only with family and friends? Although you can watch a movie in a theater it gives you a very limited experience. You cannot move around or express your views as there are others watching it. Just imagine that you are huddled in a cozy blanket with your loved ones or family members.

Hibeam Mini Projector


  • The projector is known for enhanced light uniformity. You will get the best possible quality of greyscale levels, contrast, and color saturation. The adoption of DLP digital microscopy system to minimize the inter-pixel distance between the projected images.
  • For convenient access to the mini projector’s functions, it has physical buttons on the top of the H6 body. The best part is that it also includes a remote control. It will use the infrared signal mechanism to access the functions from a distance.
  • The movie projector comes with the dual powerful speaker. Immerse yourself with the amazing visual effects and cinematography of films. You will hear high-quality stereo sound with crystal mids and highs. The powerful sound effects and true colors will evoke feelings of thrills, joy, romance, and sorrow.
  • With low fan noise, you will hear the movie and not the projector. This H6 portable projector is definitely the one to go for.
  • It is versatile when it comes to connectivity. It is compatible with Xbox One, PSP, Vita, PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, laptops, and smartphones. With simple plug and play, you will get to experience the endless home entertainment.
  • If you are going to buy a commercial or home projector from the market then it will take up 50 to 300W. Here, the manufacturer uses energy conservation technology. So you can project images for an extended period of time without spiking electricity bill.
  • Supports 4K ultimate video
  • Remarkable picture quality
  • DLP 0.2TRP technology
  • Superb performance
  • Built-in stereo speaker
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Optimal view
  • Available in only black color

6. IMCOMING *Mini LCD Multimedia Video Projector*

Just think about that moment when you are watching a movie with good company while you munch popcorn. You have to admit that watching a movie on a mobile phone or laptop is not the best way to enjoy the film. If there is a smaller viewing space then it will never be enough to give that glorious experience while watching action-packed scenes

IMComing Mini Projector


  • The IMComing mini projector comes with 2800 LUX LED. This is a full HD video projector with an additional 30% brightness than an ordinary projector. This is going to be an excellent performer for you as a video projector.
  • This multimedia projector is fit to play TV series, videos, football matches, and photo sharing etc. You can easily connect it with PS3, PS4, X-box One, smartphone, and other devices.
  • You will get a customized bag with it that is specially designed for the user to carry and store the mini projector. This is really wonderful because when you buy such things it is very important to store them properly. If you won’t take care of them then eventually you will have to face the repercussions.
  • With the projection distance between 3.3ft to 16.4ft, you can watch the projection with a size between 30 inches to 150 inches. It is important to note that the projection distance of about 6.6 ft is needed for perfect viewing.
  • It is better than the other projectors in the market due to its innovative square-pixel technology. With 30000 hours of lamp life, it will project crystal clear and big screen images. These images are rich with 1080P of sharpness.
  • You will get a 100% satisfaction guarantee with it. You can order stuff without any sort of risk. 
  • Superior watching experience
  • Extraordinary home entertainment
  • Big screen size
  • Fan noise suppression system
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Innovative technology
  • The design of the mini projector seems ordinary

7. COFUN *Lux Full HD LED Video Projector*

Cofun mini projector is white in color. It looks like a semi-circle with buttons at the top and projection light on the side. The projector comes with support for multiple formats. For audio, it supports MPEG1, LPCM, and MPEG2. Coming to the video format, it supports MPEG1, MPEG4, MPEG2, H.263, HEVC, AVS, AVS+, H.264, and more. Similarly, the projector supports picture formats, picture file extension, and much more.

Cofun Mini Projector


  • It is simply easy to use. For connecting iPad, iPhone you will need an external HDMI to lightning cable. If you connect it to an Android Phone then you will need an external HDMI to MHL cable.
  • This mini projector is going to provide you with hassle-free installation. For more stable fitting you can even use a tripod stand. Also, the lamp life is extended to a time longer than you will expect. You can use it for about 50,000 hours.
  • Just above the projection light, you will find two options. One is for keystone correction that means you can turn the image into a rectangle shape using it. Another thing is the focus wheel. After the adjustment through keystone correction, the image may not appear clear. For clear viewing, you will have to adjust the focus wheel.
  • Cofun projector is powered by using M-Star advance color energy. It will bring a vivid color picture. So you will be able to view the true and clear picture. You will enjoy watching on this large-sized projection that is of 200 inches.
  • The manufacturer believes in providing its customer with full satisfaction. It will offer you with 3-year of warranty. So three long years you won’t have to invest a single penny on it. 
  • Latest LED technology
  • 720P resolution
  • Superfan suppression system
  • Multimedia home theater projector
  • Large projection screen size
  • Warranty
  • Multiple formats support
  • Tripod stand is not included

8. PROFITECH  *Mini Smart Video Projector*

The ProfiTech mini projector is a new and innovative addition to the list of projectors. It is built-in and provides you with fast and stable service. There is a built-in Android 7.1.2 operating system. So you can download any required application from the market that could be NetFlix, YouTube, Facebook, etc. You can run a presentation of programs such as Excel, PDF, Word, or PowerPoint. Not only for office work but you can use it to watch movies or play games too.

ProfiTech Mini Projector


  • There is built-in wifi of 2.4G or 5G so that you get fast and smooth screen share. You can use the mini projector in both wired and wireless form. Use the same screen mirroring of your iPhone, iOS or Android via AirPlay. Similarly for wired screen mirroring you can opt for USB cable connection.
  • You can connect PC, laptop, Xbox, TV Box by using the HDMI cable that provides a good projection. In a way, this is a highly advanced mini projector that is going to provide you with all you need for projection.
  • This pico projector comes with DLP display technology. It will provide a clear, vivid, and sharp image. The reason for high brightness is 200 ANSI lumens. It will support 1080P video resources and the projection size is 150 inches.
  • Osram LED lamp has a long life so they will work for about 30000 hours. In case, you want to use the projector directly without a tripod then off-axis technology will do it for you.
  • The profitech mini projector is compact, portable and lightweight. You can carry it anywhere. Also, there is Bluetooth so you can connect wireless devices such as keyboard, gamepad, mouse, and speakers easily.
  • Manual or automatic keystone correction
  • Dual-band WiFi
  • DLP display technology
  • Mini mobile projector
  • Noiseless cooling system
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Display eye protective technology
  • Costly with tons of advanced features

9. BOMAKER *Portable LCD Projector*

The Bomaker mini projector has tons of benefit associated with it that you won’t find in any other cheap mini projector. It will utilize the most accurate and enhanced image. So with stringent quality control, it will balance the brightness and color accuracy. This GC555 model will produce appropriate Lux for the ambient lighting and throw distance. So it will create a clear image.

Bomaker Mini Projector


  • The Bomaker HD native with 720P projection will deliver 20% remarkable color accuracy as compared to the 480P projectors. You will get superior home cinema experience as the projector is equipped with 3,600 Lux +80% brightness. 
  • It has a high contrast ratio of 2000:1. So the pictures are sharp and equipped with vivid colors. If you will watch in a dark area then the colors would appear vibrant and eye-catching.
  • It is not only suitable for summer football night but it is perfect for hooking up the ps4, ps3, etc. You can enjoy gaming night with your friends, family or any other loved one.
  • With continuous usage of the projectors, they tend to heat up. To avoid that there are two fans with improved air duct and better heat dissipation. There are built-in dual audio speakers for providing the clear and crisper acoustic effect.
  • For multiple connections, the mini projector is equipped with 1 USB, 1 HDMI, and 1 AV connection. So you won’t have to spend an extra amount on connection with external devices.
  • Breathtaking picture
  • 5 Layer LCD technology
  • Giant screen enjoyment
  • Stereo sound
  • Full refund
  • 3-year warranty
  • Remote is included but without battery


The mini projector is one of the best innovation so far. You will find mini projector under 100 to 300. It depends on your choice of products and budget that how much amount you want to spend. These mini projectors are best amongst the wide range of products available online. You will find some really good products like Apeman mini projector and more. Once you will buy any of them you won’t regret your decision. For resolving your queries we are here to help you. You just have to leave your questions in the comment box.

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