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7 Sleeping Hacks That Will Help You Sleep Instantly

Do you doze off while you are working at your desk in the company? We can understand how it feels when you have to finish your work and you can’t concentrate properly. You feel like something is kept on your eyelids and it is trying to close your eyes. This is one of the worst feelings as you are not allowed to sleep. If there is a meeting after that then the condition is even worse. The seconds feel like hours in such a case. We feel like going back home and snuggling in our warm and comfortable bed with a blanket. The problem arises when you are actually on the bed but cannot sleep. You keep on changing sides on the bed or think of whatever happened the whole day.

Sleeping Hacks

If you are reading this then you might be interested in getting a bit better at sleeping. There has been a significant increase in the number of people who suffer from sleep issues. There is a term for it called insomnia. Now, even insomnia has its types. According to the recent study, transient insomnia affects about 80% of the population while the chronic one affects more than 13%. You can opt for the medicines but they won’t give you the best results. In fact, there will be side effects involved with it. You will have to continuously consume them and the day you will stop consuming them they won’t work. It is important to note that it is not the number of hours of sleep that matters but the quality of sleep. Here, in this article, we have covered multiple hacks that will solve your queries on how to fall asleep.

  • Track Your Wake Up Time

It is the habit of most of us to spend the weekends sleeping or partying. This habit of sleeping is one of the biggest mistakes that you commit. On the weekend you may feel better but this effect is temporary. The other day your body will demand the same amount of sleep but you will have to go to the office and the result will backfire on you. One day of sleep can affect your sleep on the weekdays. Also, our bodies have an internal clock that consists of 24 hours. Just like the earth. So the day time is to be awake while the night is for sleeping. Also, if you will sleep during the day time then it would be difficult for you to fall asleep during the night. Thus, you should sleep at the same time on an everyday basis so that your internal clock doesn’t get affected.  

How To Sleep Fast
  • The Darker, The Better

If you want to get a good night sleep then you must understand that there is a connection between our internal and external environment. You might have yourself experienced it. If you are sleeping in your room and suddenly someone opens the door then even a ray of light from outside tends to disturb you. Also coming to the biological part. There are certain glands in our body that are sensitive to light. Even the light from your mobile screen is easily detected by them. So you must try to sleep in a dark environment. If it is not possible for you to switch off the lights then even a sleeping mask would do the job.

How To Fall Asleep

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  •  Choose Noise-Free Environment

Noise is one of the key reasons that you cannot fall asleep instantly. It is obvious as a peaceful sleep is everyone’s desire and you can’t sleep in noise. Some of the noisy factors around you include snoring. If someone who is sleeping beside you snores then either you won’t be able to sleep or wake up in between. For this, you can use noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs. They really help.

Noise Free Environment

  • Try Sleeping Aid Device

Want to know how to fall asleep instantly? Here is the key, we are talking about the devices that work naturally towards fulfilling your need to sleep. One of the most popular ones is Dodow. This device will use a natural mechanism of guiding you through the complete process of sleeping. The halo light of the device will help you fall asleep instantly.

Sleeping Aid Device
  • Eat Well In The Morning

Just like sleeping there is a time for eating too. It is said that the breakfast should be heavy and full of necessary nutrients. There is a link between the food we eat and sleep. It is advised that once you wake up you should try to eat as soon as possible. Once we will intake the appropriate amount of nutrients it would signal our body that there is enough energy in the body to keep us going. Also, you should avoid eating heavy dinner. The reason is that your body will trigger acid reflux. This could lead to heartburn or any other serious problem. Also, you will feel extremely uncomfortable.

Healthy Food

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  • Add Lavender To Your Bedroom

You might not believe in it as a lot of people consider it a myth but if you want to know how to sleep better then try it. There has been a lot of research done on finding out the effects of lavender. It is found that if you sprinkle a bit of lavender oil to the bed you sleep on then it will help you get a good night sleep. It is not necessary that you use lavender oil. You can opt for other alternatives like a diffuser, perfume, or something else.


  • Exercise For Better Results

Exercise doesn’t mean that you start doing cardio every day. It just means that you get involved in some form of physical activity. The activity could be anything like running, skipping, or playing football or any other game. Also, make sure that you do not get involved in any form of exercise with high intensity before going to bed. After exercise, your body will be hot and it will take some time to cool down. That would, in turn, result in the delay in sleeping. Also, you can find some simple stretch exercises that help in getting a good night sleep.  



Falling asleep was not a problem since the beginning. It has been developed in recent years because people are dealing with lot of stress and issues that do not allow them to fully relax. If you do not consider this a major problem then you are on the wrong path. This small problem actually leading to other major problems in people's life. You won't even realize but you will suffer from other major diseases. Thus, we believe that whatever points are being covered should be taken into serious consideration. Try these things at least once for your own benefit and see how it changes your life. We are continuously working to provide you with better ideas. In case, you have something to share on this topic then you are share them through the comments in the comment section. 

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