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9 Tricks To Wearing High Heels Without Pain

When it comes to the footwear essentials for a woman, the high heels top the list. There is a reason for it. If you go to a party wearing a short skirt or a bodycon dress it will make you look amazing but if you pair it with high heels then you will never go unnoticed. It raises your style quotient. High heels never fail to attract people. Just like any other thing walking in high heels is also an art.

High Heels Hacks

You should know how to walk by wearing heels. There is no doubt that you look amazing when you wear high heels but you should always take precautions before choosing such options. People keep searching for options on how to wear high heels comfortably. Also, there is always complaint saying that “Why do my feet burn when I wear heels?”. Thus, we have come up with this article where we have discussed some really interesting high heels hacks. We are sure once you go through these articles then you are going to thank us for sharing such interesting details. The reason is that we truly believe you should have prerequisite knowledge about

High Heels Hacks

  • Choose The Heel With Right Height

The first trick lies in selecting the heel with right height. This would make your life much easier to live. There is an inclination from the inmate of the foot to the rest that is different for every individual.  Thus, this is the key criteria for selecting the ideal heel size for your feet. To know this all you have to do is extend your legs comfortably. Now, the measure the distance between the orb and heel of the foot. This measurement will give the perfect heel length for you. Thus, it is much simpler for you to select a heel then you thought. You may find a variety of heels in the market whose design would attract but the length won’t be appropriate for you. We highly recommend choosing length over look.

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  • Always Pay Attention To The Comfort Levels Of Heels

Along with the length of the heel, you must pay attention to the space between the sole and heel. The distance between them should be around 3cm. If there is more distance between the sole and heel then it will be more comfortable.

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  •  Opt For A Bit Of Platform

The internet is flooded with the pictures of women wearing those classy strappy stilettos. Let’s be real that not all the women in those photos wear heels for hours. Some have just worn them for getting those classy pictures. We have to face the reality and understand that which type of heel can work for all day long. Heels with a thin sole tend to cause pain at the bottom of the foot. Look for heels that have a bit of platform in the front. This will reduce the inclination of your foot and things will be more comfortable for you.

  • Add Insoles

Yes, you heard it right! Adding an insole can save you from those painful nights you have to go through after wearing heels at a party or any other event. In case, you are not aware any such thing like insole then you must check Vivian Lou. This insole is made with the involvement of a podiatrist. Thus, we highly recommend that you buy this product. It would add that required cushioning to your heels and would be fixed to its surface so you won’t have to adjust it again and again. This product is the best answer to your queries on “How to wear high heels comfortably?”

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  • Shop High Heels At The Right Time

This may sound weird but there is a time for shopping heels too. At the end of the day, your feet would be more swollen. It means that the heels that fit you during the day time may not fit you comfortably during the night. You may feel that they are a bit tight during the night. Thus, even the podiatrist suggest that you should buy heels at the end of the day. It is the perfect time for buying heels.

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  • Take Short Breaks

There are certain facts that you should always keep in mind. If something is harmful to you then no matter what you try, a bit of precaution is always good. You can take the example of medicines. When you are sick doctor advises you to take medicines but that doesn’t mean you can eat anything. You have to follow certain instructions or precautions to ensure that the medicines actually work. Similar is the case with the high heels. Even if you are using an insole you should ensure that you take breaks in between.


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  • Go For Thicker Heels

Thin heels are extremely popular amongst the youth. They love flaunting them at various events. We cannot deny the reality that thin heels are difficult to walk in and your foot would tremble in them. There are some girls who even suffer from severe ankle pain when wearing high heels. Thus, it is always better to opt for thicker heels if they do not hinder with your fashion statement. Along with thicker heels, thicker insoles would be a plus point for you. Thus, your heels will have the ability to handle the pressure of your body weight.

  • Walk Right

Heels are not only known for adding that extra height you desire but they completely change your persona. Walking in heels is an art that you master slowly. When you walk you make sure that you do not move your leg forward at once. This is an interesting tip that will save you in the first place. We know that you have the habit of walking with your feet at the lead but you can change it eventually. Walk slowly without bending your knees. Tip: Place the heels on the ground first followed by your toe. It will make your walk look natural.

  • Shoe Stretcher Is The Key

Stilettos tend to have a cone-shaped front section. Now, when you wear them you have to fit your feet in that small area. For some people, it is a bit uncomfortable. To avoid that, all you have to do is use a shoe stretcher. These are easily available online. You can buy a good shoe stretcher and try to expand the front section. Once it is done you will be able to wear high heels with much more comfort.


Here, we have listed some hacks that will make your life much easier. You will feel like you are wearing painless high heel shoes. We have researched and listed the best ones for you. If you do not want to indulge in too many adjustments like straight walk or more then adding insoles can do wonders for you. All you have to do is place order for the best insoles in the market. Also, we highly believe that if you have a query then you should get it resolved as soon as possible.

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