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5 Ways You Can Tell The Wine Is Gone Bad

Have you ever felt that the wine you are drinking is not good? Even after taking a lot of care there are certain factors that may affect the taste and quality of the wine. I certainly had this issue many times. I am not a hardcore wine lover but I do enjoy drinking wine occasionally. Still, I felt the need to understand this whole scenario of wine gone bad.

If you are drinking wine on an everyday basis then also you will have to face the negative impacts of it. You seem to become addictive to drinking wine if you consume it regularly. These symptoms include trying to stop drinking wine but failing to do it again and again. It's often the other people like our friends and family members who notice and comment on our drinking habits. So you feel that guilt or shame about your wine addiction. If you are hiding your drinking habit then you are for sure going through wine addiction problems.

Wine gone bad

Coming to the adverse effects that excessive consumption will have on your health. The liver plays an integral and important part of the body’s functioning. You will have to face impaired liver function that is due to increased blood cholesterol and toxins. You will have to face premature aging issues. That is something nobody wants to face in their life. If you consume red wine in moderation then it can actually result in weight loss. On the contrary, if you consume wine in excessive amount then it can accelerate weight gain.

How To Tell If Wine Has Gone Bad? Check These Tips

  • Change In Color

When the white wine is exposed to air, it gets darkened and the color changes from white to deep yellow. It could be even a brownish straw in color. Similarly, red wine looks bright when it's good but after getting oxidized its brightness fades and start changing to brown color. In aged wines, this is a natural phenomenon. If it hasn’t been long that you have bought the wine bottle and still there is a change in color when it exposed to air. Either you have kept the bottle open for a few days or it wasn’t tightly locked. You can switch to the top wine coolers so that the wine stays good for long.

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  • Corked

There are certain aromas that are associated with the cork taint. Sometimes the cork has mold growing on it. This leads to the formation of a chemical known as TCA. Even if the mold is gone there are chances that some amount of TCA negatively affects the flavor of the wine. You must try and ask for a fresh bottle of wine. Although some amount of TCA won’t hurt you it will definitely change the flavor that will give you an unpleasant experience.

  •  Red Wine Tastes Sweet

Due to overexposure to heat, the red wine can be affected in many ways. The red wine’s aroma would change to that of the port. Another thing is that it would taste more like a dessert wine. Now, you very well know the taste of red wine so you will come to know that It is gone bad. This would turn the red wine undrinkable for you.

  • Smells Like Vinegar

If the wine smells like vinegar then the acetic acid has done its work in your wine. This fault in wine is referred to as volatile acidity. Like I have told before anything in moderation is not harmful. So little bit of volatile acidity will increase the complexity of the wine. If this continues then it could be a fault. Sensitive people may have to have to face the burning sensation issue.

How To Tell Wine Is Gone Bad
  • Unexpected Bubbles Formation

If the wine you are about to drink has bubbles in it but it wasn’t meant to then there is something wrong. There is a possibility that the wine has gone some sort of fermentation so better opt for another bottle. If the same problem persists then switch to a new wine flavor instead of a new wine bottle.

  • Wine Has No Smell

There are different reasons why wine has no smell. It could be because the wine is too cold. In such a case, the wine needs more air. So you can warm the glass a bit with your hands and introduce more air to it through swirls. It will help you in getting back than the usual flavor of the wine. So you can try some hacks to get rid of these problems or do not drink that wine.

No smell


  • We are not saying that if the wine is gone bad then you should throw it away. It depends on you whether you can drink a wine that smells like vinegar or band-aids. Wine is not only consumed for its taste but it gives a pleasant experience to the one who drinks it. I cannot tolerate a wine that has lost its essence. The wine goes through many layers of production and conditioning before reaching your table. So you shouldn’t settle for low-quality wine or spoilt wine. We have researched and found these five things by which you can determine that your wine is gone bad. You can go through other articles to know about other life hacks or product reviews. If you want to suggest any other way by which we can detect it then you can leave your comments. We will be happy to hear from our reader and try our best to add the best information to our articles.

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