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11 Survival Skills: How To Survive A Car Crash

There are many survival skills, but today we gonna talk about how to survive a car crash because car accidents can occur at any time. Even the defensive drivers can face this issue. There are different ways in which people react to the car accidents. If you decide to act during car crash then you are moving towards crash survival rather than crash avoidance. Car crashes have become really common. It is said that in the US you are likely to face a car accident every 18 years. Now, this sounds really dangerous. There are chances that these accidents are so deadly that you are unable to survive it. You must know certain things or skills that will help you survive the fatal car accidents.

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car crash survival

Survival Skills: How To Survive A Car Crash

Surviving a Bad Car Accident: Important Skills or Steps

· Choose the Car Carefully: This seems to be the first step in working towards your safety. Although your choice of the car depends on the budget still you need to choose your car carefully. Earlier people used to buy cars that were built like cars. But these cars didn’t h the required safety features. You are more likely to get injured in cars without safety features. So before buying the car read the complete details of its features and then buy it.

· Try to Avoid Crash: It is always good to avoid the crash. There are certain cars that are designed in such a way that there is an alert option. It alerts you when there are chances of collision. These alerts can be in the form of light, sound or a vibration. In maximum cases, the blind spots are responsible for car accidents. In such a case, you can use the car feature to increase visibility. This will decrease the chance of accidents. Another set of warnings include lane departure warning. This will help you know when you are moving out of the lane. In case you are exhausted this feature is really helpful.

· Keep Survival Tools Handy: Survival tools are those tools that help you in quickly escaping the deadly situation. For this, you can use CrashSafe. This is an amazing tool that is designed specifically for escaping the worst situations. It comes handy and is strong enough to break the glass.


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· Seatbelt: Seatbelts were introduced as a safety feature. Seat belt laws are enforced to ensure that people are safe while driving. Still, a lot of people ignore it. Seat belts help in the prevention of ejectments. In most cases, these ejectments are serious and could be deadly. If you are going to wear a seatbelt then it will prevent the slamming of head or face on the dashboard of the car. There is 50% more chance of dying if you are not wearing a seatbelt. This also applies to the people who sit at the back. People in the back seat tend to hit the front seat driver during the crash. In a way, backseat passengers may also kill the people who are sitting in the front.

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· Be a Defensive Driver: It is a type of driving where you initially avoid the accident and if that is not possible then respond safely. This includes taking a number of steps that will help you in surviving a rollover car accident or any other form of accident. You should pay attention, drive appropriately according to the weather, stay away from aggressive drivers, and much more. Make sure you are aware of the fact how your car responds so that you can take the steps accordingly.

· Eliminate Loose Objects: After shopping most of us keep the stuff on the seats. But do you know keeping loose objects in the car could be dangerous? Suppose you have kept a light object in the car and while driving it comes on your face. If you are driving at a high speed then this can kill you. Always try to keep the loose objects in a trunk so that you can drive safely.

· Remain Calm: It may sound weird to you because on the onset of accident you tend to react abnormally. Staying calm is going to help you take the right decisions. For example, what to do after getting hit, when to accelerate or apply the brake. These decisions require quick and calm thinking.

· Avoid Head-On Collisions: If you have control over car then try to avoid the immovable object. For example, large trees. This way you can highly reduce the impact of a car accident on you. Also, try to avoid side impacts from the cars as they can cause serious injuries.

how to survive car accident

· Learn how to swim: If you want to know how to survive a car crash in water then learn to swim. For escape, you can use the survival tools but without swimming all of it is a waste. It is a fun activity that keeps you fit and can be really beneficial for you.

· Speed Limit: There are a lot of laws enforced for car driving but people do not follow them. One of them is the speed limit. There are different sections of the area with a different speed limit set. You should follow them. More is the speed more will be the bodily damage in case of a car crash.

· Get Out of The Car: After the car accident, the first thing you should do is exit the vehicle. There are chances that the car catches fire. In case your car is immersed in water the doors may not open. For this, you must immediately open the windows as it is the best way to escape the car. After getting out of the car you can contact the emergency helpline number. They will provide you with the best possible help.


These survival skills will definitely help you survive the car crash. Nobody wants to face a car crash but there is no guarantee that you won’t face it. Thus, it is really important for each one of us to keep these survival skills in our mind. In the situation of life and death, these skills could be your savior. Do share your thoughts through the comment box given below.

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