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CrashSafe Reviews- Best Car Escape Tool Oh! Really?

crashsafe reviews

With the growth in technology and equipment comes the need to use them safely. The count of people who die in road crashes is 1.3 million. With 37,000 people dying in the United States alone. Every year about 20 to 50 million people get injured or disabled in these accidents. Another shocking fact is that more than half of them are young adults. With such shocking statistics, it becomes really important to keep something handy that can save your life in these harsh occurrences. That is when the “CrashSafe” tool comes into the picture. This single tool can help you surpass the harmful effects of road accidents.


There may be an unexpected situation that would lead to car accidents. This has the immediate danger of explosion or fire. You may even get trapped in the vehicle. If the car gets submerged in water then the situation could be even worse. You won’t get much time to escape the car. In such a case the quick escape tools come to rescue. The thought of being in such a situation itself is scary. So it is very important to be prepared and know what you need to do. Here, you can read the details of one such tool with multiple additional features.

What is CrashSafe? Unbiased Reviews

You might be already aware that after a crash every second count. CrashSafe is one such tool that is designed to help you deal with such situations. It is a 6 in 1 tool that means this single tool has the benefit of six different tools. Now, that already sounds great. It is the first tool you will need after an accident. The tool has a flashing red emergency beacon or LED torch for an emergency. In the case of situations where you are trapped in your car, you must use the seat belt cutter or window breaker. It is always in reach as you can use the cigarette lighter outlet to plug in it.


Features of CrashSafe

The CrashSafe is designed to assist you in case of an emergency. They provide you with multiple means to quickly evacuate the car. You must not store the escape tool in the glove compartment. This will create problems for you. In case, your car rolls then the seatbelt will get locked so it will be difficult for you to reach the compartment.

· Emergency Seat Belt Cutter

When you drive, the first and foremost thing that you must do is to lock the seatbelt. Now, this could be a problem for you in case of a crash. In case of a crash it is often found that the seat belt malfunctions. If you will try to open it then it may take a lot of time. Before time flies you must cut the seat belt and escape the car. Use the CrashSafe tool to save yourself and others after an accident. The tool can easily cut your seat belts.

A seatbelt will work in the best way if the seatbelt is taut. You must hold the belt tightly then rub the sharp edge on the belt. Keep moving the tool on the belt in back and forth motion. The continuous movement will help in the fast cutting of the belt.

· Emergency Window Breaker

Another major problem that you face in the unwanted occurrences like accidents is that the doors get locked. Now, in such a case you need a sharp tool to break the window. That is when the car escape tool comes in to picture. It has a patented metal pin. You must keep it hidden in the lighter plug. This will help you remove it in case of emergency much faster. This type of tool is going to be a major saviour in situations where the difference between life and death could be of a minute. Whether you face a car accident or your car catches fire or it is drowning this tool will save your life. With just one strike the CrashSafe will break the window of your car.

When the car is submerged in water the pressure on the outside is much more than inside. Due to this condition, the doors do not open until the car is filled with water. This equals the pressure on the outside and inside. The windows will also won’t work till the car is submerged in water. You cannot wait for the water to completely fill the car. The only alternative left with you is to break the window. In such a situation the CrashSafe car escape tool will be a lifesaver for you.

There are certain tips that you must keep in mind while breaking the window. The first thing that you need to decide is the aim on the window. You must always aim for the side window. The windshields are designed to withstand the strong force and may be extra tough to break. Since you will be in an emergency situation so you won’t have that much energy to waste on trying to break it. You must always aim for the corner that is on the lower side. It must be 4 inches from the frame. It will reduce the risk of injury.

crashsafe survival tool reviews

· USB Car Charger

On the CrashSafe escape tool, there is a USB charging port. You just have to plug the tool in the cigarette lighter outlet. It is one of the most interesting features of this tool. With internet surfacing all over the world, people have become addict to using mobile phones. These days people share every detail of their life on the social media. Even before having breakfast, lunch, or dinner the picture of the food is a must. Now, with such heavy usage, the battery of the phone is going to be low. Even if you carry the charger it is not necessary that you will get the plug at all the places. To avoid looking for the charging point it is better you opt for this USB charging port.

It is much convenient to use this charger as compared to the regular charger. While you are on the go you can simply plug in the USB cable into the tool. By the time you will reach your destination the phone’s battery will be properly charged. Since it is a USB charging port so you can charge other devices too. For safety purpose, the mobile phone is a saviour. You can contact your relatives or friends in case of emergency. Thus, it is really important to keep your phone charged while you travel on the road.

· Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight

If the accident occurs during the night time then the first thing you are going to need is light. In case of road accidents, the first thing that gets damaged is the light of the car. It breaks easily so you cannot completely rely on it. If you plan to carry a torch in your car then you will have to keep it in the dashboard as it takes a lot of space. You must be prepared for the worst situation like the dashboard getting damaged. The CrashSafe tool’s LED flashlight is perfect to handle these types of situations.

Just by looking at this tool you cannot determine the time for which it’s light can work. Here, the LED light will last up to 4 hours. Now, that seems to be a really long time for such a handy tool. If your car breaks down at night then you can use it to walk to a nearby safe place. It is so powerful that you can even use it while repairing your car at night time. If you search for the best emergency kits then the torch is going to be at the top. So buying this product is going to be your best decision.

· Flashing Emergency Beacon

Even after a minor accident, there is a huge chance that it turns into a major one. Suppose, you are driving on a road and your car hits a moving car slightly. Your car just breaks down in the middle of the road. Now, if you are stuck inside the car and you are on a highway then this could be a major problem for you. The cars drive at a high speed on the highway so there is a huge chance that they hit your car. To save yourself and others it is important to warn them. This could be done through the flashing emergency beacon on the CrashSafe.

The beacon is basically a red colored light that is easily noticeable from even far away. So you can ask for help or warn others through it. All you have to do is press the button on CrashSafe and it will radiate light from it.

· Power Bank

Not only the CrashSafe tool but your mobile phones could be your saviour too. Nowadays almost each one of us owns a mobile phone. Since the launch of mobile phones, they have been really useful in a number of instances. You can use them even for your work purpose. So the first thing you can do in an emergency is to call your friends or relatives for help. Now, the emergency situation can arise anytime. There is no fixed time when you are going to face it. So it is better that you be prepared. Your mobile phone should have sufficient battery so that you can contact people for help.

The CrashSafe is designed in such a way that it can be used as a power bank. When you plug the tool into the cigarette lighter outlet it gets charged. There is a 2200mAh lithium battery inside it. This battery is used to store charge. The battery is so powerful that you can charge your mobile phone up to 100%. Even if you are planning to buy a power bank then you should place or order for this one. This tool is going to function in 6-in-1 ways. You can use this portable tool whenever you want.

Distinct Areas That You Must Consider To Assess The Threats You May Encounter

· Climatic Conditions

Depending on the place you live in you must analyze the weather conditions. The seasonal weather will help you in analyzing the additional threats that you might have to face. It is important to remember that each season poses unique challenges in front of you. Due to heat, there is a risk of overheating that may lead to brake failure and tire blowouts. If the season is of snow and rain then the weather may result in hazardous driving conditions. It will reduce the traction and visibility for you. If the speed of the flow of wind is high then vehicles may even lose control.

· Unpredictable Situations

Unpredictable situations are the one that is not known to us. You will have to face them without warning. This includes emergencies such as belt failure, tire blowouts, brake failure, and care fires. You might have kept your vehicle into the safety code by maintenance and inspections. Do you really think all this is enough to keep your vehicle safe? We really don’t think so. It is extremely important to be prepared for them. In such situations, your primary concern is to get out of the car. Here, the car escape tool like CrashSafe come to your rescue. These tools come handy and save you from a big disaster in minutes.

· Daily Route Of Traveling

You must consider all the possible threats that you may encounter on your commute. This includes bridges, fallen rock zones, flooding, runway truck zones, stretches of desolation. It is important to take a close look at the map of the area you regularly drive on. This is one of the finest ways to get an idea of the possible emergency situation you may have to face. If you travel through the large bridges then accidents will keep the vehicle on the bridge but still you must be prepared.

With disasters like flood covering the entire world, water becomes the major threat for you. You should be aware of the regions that may get flooded during intense rainfall. Another important fact is that the low bridges tend to face major destruction as they are not designed for flooding. In case, there is no other option and you have to take this route then CrashSafe is going to save you.

If you travel through mountainous route then it has its own challenges. You will have to travel through steep inclines that are risky. In such a case, an emergency escape is a must. If the car doors or seat belt get stuck then the CrashSafe’s window breaker and cutter will save you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can CrashSafe be used will all types of car?

Yes, you can use this in almost every car. There is a power outlet built into cars that can be used to plug in CrashSafe.

Is it necessary to leave the CrashSafe plugged in at all times?

No, but we recommend you do that. If you leave CrashSafe plugged in at all times then it will be easy for you to access it in case of emergency. Another benefit is that CrashSafe will be fully charged at all times so that you can use the power bank or any other feature.

Can I use the same CrashSafe on different cars?

Yes. There will be a chance of you forgetting to plug it in the vehicle you drive at that point in time. It’s better you buy CrashSafe for each vehicle so that it is available all the time.

Is there a chance of accidental cut during the use of seat belt cutter?

No, the cutter is completely safe to use. For safety, the seat belt cutter is hidden on the side of the device.

For how long can the CrashSafe’s flashlight work continuously?

The CrashSafe’s flashlight can lit continuously for about 4 hours.

For how long can the red emergency beacon light continuously?

The CrashSafe’s red emergency beacon can last up to 10 hours. It is best for use in emergency situations.


The CrashSafe is the best car escape tool in the market. It is built-in with some really interesting features that can save your life in an emergency. Whether the emergency is on road or in water the tool is capable of dealing with all of them. CrashSafe charges while it is plugged into the car so there is no headache of charging it at home or office. It is built keeping in mind all the safety measures and emergency requirement. With every day rise in accidents, this is the need of every individual. 

You can even gift it to your friends and family so that they are safe all the time. This can be one of the best ways by which you can express your concern or love towards your loved ones. They are going to be extremely happy after receiving this product as a gift. It is small in size that makes it easy for you to carry it to whatever place you want. All you have to do is just plug in and then it is ready to use. You won’t get such an affordable, easy to use tool anywhere else. This is a must buy the product for each one of us. The customers who buy it once definitely place an order for another one. All the details about this innovative tool are given here. In case of queries, you can leave your comments. We will try to answer your queries as soon as possible.

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