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FlexSafe Reviews- The Ultimate Portable Travel/Outdoor Safe!

When you go on a vacation the foremost concern is of the valuables that you carry. The wallet, tablet or mobile phones are some of the most important things that need to be taken care of. In such situations, you need some way that can help you keep the items safe and let you enjoy. When you go to a beachside there is usually one person who stands by taking care of everyone’s belongings. Almost all of us have faced this situation at some point in time in their life. Here, the Aquavault FlexSafe plays the major role in taking away all your concerns.

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What is FlexSafe?

FlexSafe is basically a travel safe that is designed in such a way that you can securely lock it to nearly any object. It is extremely lightweight and flexible. This patented safe can be used to keep the wallet, phone, money, and other necessary items. This will help you keep them away from would-be thieves. The product is made using 5 layered material. In order to keep your digital assets secure the material has a feature that is RFID blocking. It is voted as the Hotel Product of the Year by Forbes in the year 2017. Also, it is a must-have travel safe for folks and people who travel.

There is a story behind the development of this product. Let’s get into it first. Jonathan Kinas was on the beach when he and his two friends were worried as their stuff may get stolen. They thought of tucking the things into sneakers and then went swimming. After returning back they saw that even after tucking things into sneakers they were lost. Soon they realized that the same problem is faced by everyone at the resort. So they decided to build something that could prevent this misfortune.

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The product that was eventually developed was the Aquavault. You won’t believe that the prototype of FlexSafe was sketched on a napkin. Now, after inventing the product you need strong marketing skills to sell your product to the customer. Its appearance on Shark Tank worked as a magic and the sale of this product skyrocketed. Shark Tank is basically a reality television series that features the leading entrepreneurs. If you know what your business is about and how to work for it then the show works in your favor. In 2016, the sale of FlexSafe crossed nearly $2 million. It is believed that in the coming four to five years it will reach up to $10 million on annual basis. The Aquavault FlexSafe reviews are just amazing.

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FlexSafe Reviews

· RFID Blocking Technology

RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification. It uses electromagnetic fields to identify the tags attached to the objects. This could be used by the criminals to get access to your personal information. When you travel the mobile phones and credit cards are the most common devices with you. These days people keep all their important information on the mobile phones. There may be passwords of your official accounts and various other types of private data. The FlexSafe is designed in such a way that it will protect your data while on the go. The material used for the manufacturing of FlexSafe is RFID blocking. So it will block the radio-frequency waves to pass through and access the data in the digital asset.

· Slash Resistant Material

Not only when you leave your product but when you carry it the safety is really important. Thieves may travel with you and try to slash the product out of the ordinary safe. Here, the FlexSafe is designed with an all different level of security. There is 5-layers of slash resistant materials protection. This means that it provides 5 times protection to your belongings. Thus, if a thieve is planning to steal your items and run away then it is not possible. You can keep your things in the safe and travel without worrying about it.

· Water Resistant

When you go boating or a water sport there are chances that water splashes on you. In such a case, the mobile phones and other electronic devices have a chance of getting damaged. This could be easily prevented using the FlexSafe travel safe . It is resistant to water as it is manufactured using luggage-grade Nylon. This will help you keep passport, cash, and other valuable stuff dry and safe. If you travel in the rainy season then it will keep your stuff covered. You can even use it as an Aquavault waterproof phone pouch.

· Nickel Alloy Lock

To provide high-level protection the FlexSafe has a lock in front of it. This lock is made up of Nickel Alloy. The material is know to last for a longer time. Thus, it is durable. It will provide you with the heavy-duty security you have been looking for. Unlike other Aqua vault competitor, the locks on the travel safe are thoroughly tested. Security is their utmost priority so as to provide you with that all the tests are performed.

Another beneficial feature of the lock is that is corrosion resistant. As the lock is exposed to the environment so this feature will prevent the unwanted breakdown of the lock. There is no burden of carrying the keys as it is a numerical lock with three digits. In case, you want to know how to reset the FlexSafe then there is a simple process to it. Open the lock and press the left knob to the right. After that, set your desired number and release the knob. It is as simple as that. So FlexSafe won’t open until you enter the correct digits.

· Belt Loop, Hooks, and Carry Handle

The padded carry handle at the top provides complete support to your hands. You can carry it easily as it is comfortable to carry. It is not necessary that you carry it using your hands. There are chances when you will have to carry it while riding a bicycle or doing any other type of work. Thus, to facilitate its use while doing work there are loops. There are two types of loops i.e. belt and tie-down. You can use them according to your convenience. According to the Aqua vault reviews, this is one of its best features.

· Lightweight and Collapsible

The FlexSafe travel safe is lightweight so you won’t feel that there is an extra baggage with you. It is manufactured keeping in mind the need of travel essentials. Whether you carry a small luggage or a large one that is fully packed there is space for keeping the FlexSafe. You can fold and keep it. It can literally fit into any space.

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· Mesh Pockets

The travel safe is useful not only for locking the valuable items. You can use the extra space for keeping other items. There are meshed pockets on the side for the purpose of extra storage. While traveling there are some small items like pens that may be needed anytime. So you can keep them in this space.

· Zippers

FlexSafe has worked really hard to provide the best product to the customers. They have taken the time to analyse the finest details and give you the best travel safe. When you open the safe there is a zip that you can open and insert the mobile phones or other digital accessories. This is in a way another level of protection for your stuff. Also, If you will check the Aquavault phone case reviews then you will find that the manufacturer is providing an excellent range of products.

· Money Back Guarantee

When you purchase an item for the first time it is essential to check its guarantee details. This assures you that even if there is a problem with the product it will be resolved on time. Now, the association of guarantee means that the manufacturer is confident about the product. Obviously, no one would like to spend an extra amount on a product. Thus, the company designs and sells the best travel safe and shares its confidence with others. There is a 30 day money back guarantee associated with FlexSafe security safe. You can return the product within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with it. Another benefit associated with the travel safe is that you will get the full amount as refund. Thus, clearly, there is no harm in buying this product.

· Design

The design of the FlexSafe travel safe is just perfect. It looks like Flexsafe bags that are beach safe. Not only safety features but the designing of the product is equally worked upon. It looks like a small pouch that is black in color. The locking mechanism makes it more sturdy and strong. It is easy for you to lock and unlock it. Once you open it you will find that the pouch doesn’t have dividers. There is ample space for keeping the keys, wallets, iPhones, wallets, and more. The exterior part of the pouch has hooks and mesh pouches for additional space. It is basically an aptly designed travel safe.

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Benefits of FlexSafe

· Easy to Pack: The design of the product is such that you can easily pack it. It is a portable travel safe. You can go for a worry-free swim by using this product. You can even pack it into your luggage as it will easily fit in it.

· Locks to any fixed object: You just have to think of a fixed object and this small portable safe will easily lock on it. Some of them are umbrellas, golf carts, strollers, bicycles, lounge chairs, boats, wheelchairs, closet rods, and more. Thus, this product is a must buy for you.

· Secure: FlexSafe keeps your stuff secure. Now, you won’t have to hide your valuable items below your clothes or in your shoes. It is going to save you from the headache of asking a stranger to look after your items. You and family members can enjoy vacations together without having to leave someone behind.

· Tough: Due to use of the right type of material the travel safe is tough enough. If you are staying in a hotel and there is no safe then you can lock FlexSafe to the closet rod. With five layer packaging, it will last really long without wear and tear.

· Versatile: All you have to do is to lock FlexSafe to the stroller to enjoy the vacations. You can use it wherever you go. It is perfect for use at places like beaches, cruises, hospitals, camps, resorts, theme and waterparks. As these are the places where there is a huge crowd and more chances of theft.

· Easy to use: There are no complications in using FlexSafe. You can set your own combination on this locking device. It is tried and tested so that you can make continuous changes in the security digits. It is an immediate use product that can be used. FlexSafe plus is also released that has advanced features that come at a high price. Thus, FlexSafe is one of the best quick safes on the market.

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According to us, the FlexSafe is the best product to be used as both home safe and travel safe. It’s been years that we have been worrying about our stuff while traveling. There is an immense growth in the number of people that travel these days. Be it business meetings, holidays, or any other reason there is always a need for something like this. We have used this item and found that this has to be in your travel kit. It will save you from becoming the victim of theft. With FlexSafe you will get that peace of mind you have been looking for while traveling. Just pack your valuables in it and enjoy the freedom of traveling. This is the perfect solution to protect yourself from both physical and cyber theft. Although, we have provided all the details if you have any queries then comment below. We are there to hear your queries and answer them as soon as possible.

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