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Essio Aromatherapy Shower Diffuser Reviews

The time we have been living in makes us feel like escaping this world. There are so much stress and pressure on us almost every now and then. If there could be something that could shut off our connection from external stimulation then we are sure to try it. This urgent requirement of getting away from this urban frustrating scenario is becoming the need of today. This, in turn, calls for the need of a spa. Spas have come as a blessing for us. It helps us relax, detox, reflect and beautify. I know this sounds amazing but the cost incurred for taking this facility is high too. If you are planning to take a spa service then you should have sufficient budget to invest in it.

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If you want to get a spa session without paying much then there is an alternative for you. Have you heard about the home spa experience? If not, then you are reading the right post. Here, you will get complete information about it. The best part is that you will get the spa-like experience at an affordable price. For this, you will have to get into the insight of Essio Aromatherapy shower kit. Ever since its introduction, people are talking about it. There is so much this small kit can do.

Essio Aromatherapy Shower Diffuser: Introduction

Essio Aromatherapy shower diffuser is basically a kit. It is an aromatherapy diffuser that you can use while taking shower. The kit comes with an attachment arm and pods. These pods are filled with essential oils. Once you attach the Essio to the shower pipe it will transform your shower into an aromatherapy spa that is rejuvenating.

What is Aromatherapy?

For understanding the benefits of diffuser you must first know about aromatherapy. Here, I am referring to the aromatic substances as essential oils. The use of essential oils is not new. To improve a person’s mood or health this has been used for 6000 years. It is a form of holistic healing. There is a range of these oils available. They are known for the different levels of antimicrobial activity. When you use the essential oil while bathing, it is called topical application. Here, the product gets absorbed into your skin. It is even said that sweat glands tend to absorb the essential oils effectively.

Features and Benefits of Essio Aromatherapy Shower Diffuser

· Comes with 3 Pods: The shower head diffuser comes with 3 pods. These pods are filled with essential oils. All the pods are going to provide with a different benefit. So this is a must-grab opportunity for you. In one single kit, you will get the spa experience of three different varieties. Isn’t this a great deal. If you haven’t tried an aromatherapy shower then you have to try this one. Your bathroom is going to be filled with amazing aromatic fragrance. With the soothing fragrance, you are definitely going to enjoy taking bath.

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· Easy to Install: There is not much that you will have to do for the installation of Essio aromatherapy diffuser. You will get an arm with diffuser pods. It is a matter of just 60 seconds to install this kit. Whenever you will feel like taking an aromatherapy spa, carry the kit for the shower. In about 60 seconds, your bathroom will be ready. You won’t have to do any sort of heavy physical task for its installation.

· 100% Natural: You might have heard about other forms of therapy that offer a similar experience. Do they use only natural ingredients? If not then there might be some form of harmful effect on your skin. Here, the Essio product is made using only natural ingredients. Thus, you are only going to benefit from this product. Another important point to consider is that these oils are blended by master aromatherapists. Aromatherapists are highly knowledgeable about the therapy so you can easily trust this product. These plant-based ingredients are sourced from different place around the world. Thus, the manufacturer has put in a lot of effort to provide you the best results.

· No Oily Residue: When you think about the term oil the first thing that comes to your mind is stickiness. So you might be thinking that after using the aromatherapy shower head you will have again take shower to get rid of the oil. That is not the case with these essential oils. Here, the patented filtration process is going to diffuse the oil at a perfect rate. So you won’t feel any sort of oiliness on your skin or hair. So you will get an oil-free and worry-free shower experience.

· Control Aroma Intensity: Some people like high aroma shower while others like the one with low intensity. The choice of shower varies from person to person. You can easily increase or decrease the aroma to get that perfect shower experience. This will further save your money. You won’t have to buy an extra kit for other members of your family. Everyone at your home can use the same kit and feel relaxed.

· Customized Experience: The manufacturer has truly created a customer’s product. If you want to experiment with the essential oils then you can even do that. These easy to refill pods can be filled with the therapeutic oil of your choice. You can use the essential oils with you and there is no dependency of sticking to buying the oils from Essio only. It’s just that these oils are purely natural so I would recommend you buy these ones. There is no harm in spending a little more on something that is highly beneficial for your skin and mental health.

· 30-Day Guarantee: If you are going to buy the Essio aromatherapy diffuser then you will get a 30-day money back guarantee. This means if you face any sort of issue like received damaged product then you can return the product within 30 days. The complete amount that you paid to the company will be refunded. Thus, there is no harm in trying this product at least once.

· Stay-Pure Pods: The pods used for filling the essential oils are of very good quality. They are designed in such a way that essential oils will stay fresh and vibrant for a long time.

· Signature Treatment: Essio aromatherapy diffuser is so popular that it is used in some of the finest resorts. These resorts and spas include The Venetian, The Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, and more. If such popular places are using it then there might something really good about this diffuser kit.

· Easy to Carry: If you want to carry the Essio aromatherapy diffuser while traveling then you can even do that. It is compact so you can fit it easily into your bag. Since it is easy to install so you can easily fit it into the shower of the hotel or resort you are going to stay in.

Essential Oil Blends

The Essio kit comes with three different essential oil blends. These blends are as follows:

· Breathe Scent: This scent is filled with refreshing essences of eucalyptus and peppermint. Eucalyptus belongs to the same family as the tea tree. This organic ingredient is known for its cleansing properties. It is commonly used in case the sinuses are clogged. It has the ability to aid concentration. Here, the company uses eucalyptus that is produced in Australia. By using a special harvester they have extracted the highest quality content from eucalyptol. Once you take shower by using breathe scent, it will lift your senses. This product is going to have a purifying effect on you.

· Unwind Scent: If you are leading a stressful life then unwind scent is for you. It is filled with the benefits of citrus that is combined with a veneer of spice, Also, there are some floral tones added to it. This magical mixture is going to take away your stress and leave you feeling relaxed. This essential oil will enhance your mood and emotional balance. Citrus has the ability to work on your brain’s chemicals that result in an improved mood. Citrus contains antioxidants. These are going to help in the neutralization of free radicals. These radicals cause damage to your tissues and cells. So this simple formula is really helpful.

· Passion Scent: The third one is passion scent. This scent is responsible for arousing your sensual desires. It is made using the combination of lavender, orange, a note of clove and softened cinnamon. Lavender is one of the most beloved plants. During the ancient time, lavender was used for perfumes and incense. Due to its healing qualities, Greeks and Romans used it as a bathing ritual herb. The lavender in these oils comes from sustainable farms. The delicate buds go through the steam distillation unit and special essential oil is extracted.

How does Essio Aromatherapy Diffuser work?

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Essio will transform your shower into a luxurious spa. With just a fraction of cost, you will get a wonderful experience. You can install it easily using these three steps:

· Attach to Arm: First, hold the Essio attachment arm and clip it to the shower pipe. There is a locking clamp on the arm. Press the clamp upwards to securely attach it to the pipe. Recheck the position of the arm. It should be such that the oil blends with the water when you are taking shower.

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· Insert Pod: The second step is to insert the pod. Choose a pod of your choice from passion, breathe, and unwind. Now, take off the cap of the pod. In the front, there is a pod mount. Snap the pod into the mount and turn it in a clockwise direction. Do this until the pod is locked into the pod mount perfectly.

· Tilt: Turn on the shower. Now, tilt the pod in such a way that gets into the stream of water. This will start diffusing the rejuvenating essential oils. Aromatherapy diffuser is ready. For best results, you can use it as a steam shower diffuser.

My Experience

When I received the Essio Aromatherapy shower kit I was excited to use it. I loved their idea of transforming a home shower into the spa with simple steps. The complete process of fitting the arm and pod took me only a minute. It is really easy to use. The essential oil that I tried first was unwind. Just as the name suggests it unwinds the stress of your life. After the shower, I felt extremely rejuvenating. Its ingredients are so good that they work from the first shower itself. It leaves a soothing fragrance in your bathroom. There was no oily residue on my skin or hair after its use. Overall my experience with this kit is amazing. I am planning to customize my experience by adding other oils of my choice too. There is one more shower in my house and I am going to place an order for the kit for that bathroom too. The product perfectly delivers what is claims. I hope the Essio reviews help you in deciding whether to buy this product or not. I would strongly recommend buying this aromatherapy diffuser.

Essio Aromatherapy kit comes in three different range. If you want to buy a single product then it would be affordable still we believe that you should go for another range. The other two ranges come with buy two get one and buy one get discount on another product range. You can choose either of them and you will save a lot of money. There are other members of your family who may want to use this kit too. You can give other kits to them. Another great idea would be to gift the kit to your friends and give them a chance of great shower experience.


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Essio aromatherapy diffuser shower is perfectly designed. It is going to revitalize your body, spirit, and body. If you are looking for the most affordable way to pamper yourself then Essio is for you. All the pods are filled with the best combination of ingredients. The best part is that only organic extracts are used for creating these essential oils. Thus, these are built to provide you with the maximum benefits that too organically. There is no extra cost involved for installation. You just have to invest once. You can gift this product to your friends. I am sure they are going to call you back for thanking for gifting such an amazing product. If you still have a doubt related to the installation, pods, or anything else then you can ask us. There is a comment box for adding your queries and comments. You can write to us about what you feel about the product.

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