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Triple Bristle Toothbrush Review- Read 9 Reasons Before you Buy

Maintaining personal hygiene has to be everyone’s top priority. Some of the major areas of your body that require daily maintenance include teeth. We eat multiple times a day that leads to the accumulation of the food debris on our teeth. If you regularly clean then you will have to bare some major consequences. Since childhood, we are taught that brushing our teeth twice a day is a good for oral health. The quality and functioning of the brush play an important role in the maintenance of teeth.

Brushing teeth is like a habit for us. Since it is such an important so there has been a lot of improvements in the toothbrush technology. These new forms of technology provide us with an easy and efficient way to clean our teeth. The Triple Bristle Sonic Toothbrush is one of the finest addition to the list of efficient toothbrushes. It uses sonic technology to give maximum results. Here, we have shared the Triple Bristle review of the product with complete details about it.

Triple Bristle Toothbrush Review

The Triple Bristle brush is the first 3-headed sonic toothbrush. The standard brushes that you buy from the market leave bacteria’s behind. This leads to a change in the color of your teeth from white to yellow. Not only the appearance but it could lead to problems like cavities, bleeding gums and more. This three-headed brush is going to solve these issues in a much faster way. It has the unique ability to swipe away the bacteria’s that are hidden. It will leave your mouth fresh and clean.

The heads of the brush are angled at 45 degrees. This angled position helps in brushing your teeth at a proper angle and reach the gum line. Cleaning all the surfaces of the teeth and gumline is very important. It helps in proper maintenance of oral health and hygiene. Although the technology is a bit different you can use the brush easily. All you have to do is move the brush head on your teeth. For best results, keep changing the position of the brush in quadrants. It will give you a professional cleaning experience.

Triple Bristle Toothbrush reviews

How does sonic technology work?

The use of a sonic brush involves cleaning using two methods. The first one being the tooth scrubbing while the other one is a secondary action. It helps in disrupting the dental plaque that is hard to touch by the bristles. The sonic technology involves use of the high vibrational speed. Here, the Triple Bristle electric toothbrush is going to generate 31,000 pulses per minute.

The biggest part of the sonic’s ability involves the removal of dental plaque using the scouring action of bristles. These brushes are considered to be very efficient tooth scrubbers. Now, the secondary cleaning action is something that makes these brushes reliable. It involves fluid dynamics. It means there is a generation of the intense vibrational speed of the bristles. This, in turn, agitates the fluid that is surrounding the teeth. With such a high degree of vibration, it is able to remove the dental plaque efficiently.

Features And Benefits of Triple Bristle 3 Sided Electric Toothbrush

· Brighter Smile: The Triple Bristle brush is going to provide you with 360-degree coverage. Now, that means full cleaning. With a regular brush even if you spend minutes in brushing this is not possible. With the use of this brush, you will be able to get brilliantly white teeth. Doesn’t this make it a perfect buy? The answer has to be yes. These days people love clicking their pictures in multiple instances. Whether you are going to a party or attending a wedding event a bright smiling picture is a must. If you want to be picture ready all the time then you must buy this product. The reason for such high benefits is its plaque removal ability. This Triple Bristle removes up to 6 times more plaque as compared to the manual brush. Thus, this is the best electric toothbrush.

· Gum Health Improvement: The angled brush helps in gently cleaning the area under gums. It will reach the hard to reach areas and improve the gum health. Thus, the product will show you 100% better results than other regular or electric toothbrushes.

· Dentist Created: When you plan to buy a product then a good manufacturer or creator of it influences your decision to buy it. Here, the creator of this brush is a Dentist itself. Dentists know about every aspect of oral health. So the designing of the brush is done keeping in mind our daily oral health requirements. So without thinking twice, you can order this product. It is highly recommended by the scientists of the United States.

· 31,000 Sonic Pulses/Minute: While you brush your teeth there is fluid in your mouth. The toothbrush generates 31,000 vibrations per minute. These vibrations will lead to the creation of micro-bubbles in your mouth. These bubbles will penetrate deep into the areas that are otherwise not reachable. Thus, it will remove the hidden plaque much faster and easier.

· 3 Speeds: The sonic toothbrush is perfect for use by different types of people. There are different modes of speed. These modes of speed are sensitive, massage, and high. So if you are planning to buy the product for a kid or an adult the brush can be bought for both of them. They can set the speed mode according to their convenience.

· Timer: When you use electric brushes the problem that users face is the time for which they must use it. This is not the problem with Triple Bristle Toothbrush. After every 30 second the vibration of the brush would stop. This is an indicator that you must move the brush. Another feature of this brush is its 2 minute timer. There is an automatic timer that will stop the brush after two minutes. Isn’t that great? It will give you a worry-free experience along with some major benefits. Even if you are in a hurry and forget to turn it off this feature will save your brush.

· Perfect: This electric toothbrush is perfect for use by multiple types of people. Here, multiple types mean the ones who are going through some of the other teeth issues. It is apt for use with implants, braces, veneers, and crowns. If you take care of your oral hygiene from the beginning then you won’t face any problem at later stages of your life. We would recommend that you make it a habit for your kid to use this brush daily. It is one of the best daily routine practices you can add your kid’s life.

· Battery Life: If you have used an electric item then you might know that it requires charge to operate. Thus, the battery life works as an important criteria that helps in selecting the right type of product. Here, the electric brush has rechargeable battery. Once you fully charge the brush it will work for about 2 weeks without further charge requirement. The brush also has a light indicator. This will indicate that your brush needs to be recharged. It will greatly reduce your headache of keeping track of the large charging time.

· 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: A lot of people do not try their hands in new technologies as they feel it could be waste of money. The risk factor is highly reduced if the product has guarantee associated with it. Customers find it much easier to place order for a product with such a benefit. This electric toothbrush comes with 30-day guarantee. It means if you do not find the product worth or there is any other issue then you can return it. The manufacturer is going to give you full refund amount if you return it within 30 days.

· One Year Warranty: The triple brush toothbrush comes with one year warranty. Now, that is a long time span. If you face any sort of technical issue related to the electric brush then you can get it repaired. The free service is available for the users for one year. This also shows how confident the manufacturer is about the brush. He believes that the brush is appropriately designed and will function well for a long period of time.

· Less Time: The electric toothbrush is three-headed that means there are three brushes. These three brushes will surround each tooth perfectly. Thus, the results will be more effective in less amount of time. It will save your time as you can brush your teeth for 10 seconds on each side. It means total 40 seconds. Here, the Triple Bristle brush will give you better cleaning than an ordinary brush will give you in 2 minutes.

· No Manual Brushing: Old habits do not die easily. When you use an ordinary brush then the pressure you are going to apply on the gums is in your hands. Now, the manual form brushing could be harsh on your teeth. This is the reason for the multiple people who brush regularly still facing oral issues. The electric toothbrush on the other hand is programmed to apply a certain level of pressure. Thus, it is not going to be harsh on your gums. It also reduces the effort that you have make while brushing your teeth manually. The complete task of cleaning is done by the brush and you just have to hold it.

· Design and Construction: Once you open the packaging and hold the brush you will be able to feel the sturdiness of the product. It is not at all uncomfortable to hold. Even after the steady vibrations you will be able to hold it comfortably. The grip of the brush is really good provided the different look and design of the brush.

· Soft Bristles: The bristles of the Triple Bristle toothbrush are soft. Using the brush with soft bristles has a number of benefits. These bristles are much gentler on your teeth as compared to the hard and stiff bristles. The gums and tissues around our teeth are very sensitive. If you are going to be harsh on them then eventually you will have to face the consequences. Thus, this toothbrush is a perfect buy.

· Instruction Manual: The Triple Bristle toothbrush is easy to use. Still, the first time users might find it a bit difficult to understand the use of this brush. So to facilitate its easy usage you will get an instruction manual along with it. This manual has multiple brushing techniques that you can use to get maximum results. Since the product is created by Dentist it also has Dental tips for you. Thus, along with brush you are going to get some amazing tips for maintaining your oral hygiene.

The Triple Bristle Toothbrush comes in three package variations. These are:

· Triple Bristle: This package includes 1 toothbrush, 2 brush heads, 1 charging base, and 1 tongue cleaner. If you are buying the electric toothbrush for the first time then this one is perfect for you. Also, the price is much affordable compared to other packages. You can order one for yourself and if you like it then order other packages for your family.

Triple Bristle reviews

· Triple Bristle Duo: The Triple Bristle Duo is one of the most popular packages out of the three. It includes 2 Triple Bristle Sonic toothbrushes, 1 dual charging base, 2 tongue cleaners, 4 brush heads. If you two person use the same toothbrush then they will have to wait for swapping brush heads. If you buy the duo package and you can use your own brush and it doesn’t require sharing.

· Family Pack: The family pack of Triple Bristle is the best value product. If you buy three single toothbrushes then the price is much higher than the family pack. Here, the package includes 4 Triple Bristle sonic toothbrushes, 2 dual charging bases, 4 tongue cleaners, and 10 brush heads. Another benefit is that you will get a number of products in the package. For example, if you are going to buy three single toothbrushes then you will get 3 toothbrushes with 6 brush heads. On the other hand, the family pack has 4 toothbrushes with 10 brush heads. Thus, it is a package you must invest in to save money and get maximum benefits.

Brushing Experience

When I first used this brush it was a bit awkward. This was expected because I was switching from an ordinary to an electric toothbrush. It took me some time of regular usage to get used to it. Initially, I began with low-speed mode and eventually switched to higher vibration modes. You will have to keep patience as it is a whole new way of brushing. It is the best toothbrush as it leaves your mouth clean and refreshed. Within a few days of using it, you will yourself feel the difference. You can even use it to brush your tongue as it will help in further enhancing your oral hygiene. Once you get used to using this product there is no looking back. The manufacturer’s claim to provide you with the best product for your dental health are true. You have time to decide as there is a 30-day money back guarantee involved.

According to me, the sonic toothbrush would be a perfect buy for anyone who is facing issues related to teeth. You can prevent them from turning bigger and more problematic. Another thing is that it is pretty simple to use and much more effective than the regular toothbrush. Even with less time usage, you will get to see the results. Show off those white teeth with a bright smile. People will definitely ask you about your teeth as they will look super clean.


The Triple Bristle Sonic Toothbrush is going to be your one of the best investments. This brush is going to give you that bright smile we all long for. This new technology of using 3 brush heads helps in thoroughly cleaning of your teeth. It has the ability to reach those areas that are otherwise difficult to reach by ordinary toothbrushes. You are going to breath fresh so that is going to make you feel much more confident.

The brush comes with a guarantee and warranty so it is a reliable product. Other than our experience we have also read customer reviews. Most of the customers are satisfied with this product. One major plus point of this product is that it is Dentist created. So it is highly trustworthy as all the aspects of brushing are studied for creating this product. Its high battery life makes it a must buy product. Once fully charged, you can use it regularly twice for two to three weeks. Thus, there are some major benefits involved with it. If you have queries related to this brush then you can post them in the comments section. Our team will get back to you with the solutions. Keep reading this space for more extraordinary products with their unbiased reviews.

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